2016 Color Trends

It's hard to believe 2015 is almost over! The folks over at Valspar Paint have looked at lifestyle trends and have predicted the color trends of 2016. Check out the four color palettes and let us know what you think of these trends:

Comfort Zone

Everyone is crazy busy as ever, so the Valspar Comfort Zone palette offers an antidote to this fast-paced lifestyle, with a selection of soft, calm colors that balance and restore the mind, body and spirit.

Simply Perfect

The movement toward simplified living that’s focused on fewer choices and enjoying the luxury of less inspired the Valspar Simply Perfect palette, a versatile, stylish set of grays that work well in any setting.


You Do You

Different is the new normal. Going against the grain is encouraged and applauded, often with the phrase ‘You Do You.’ It’s a mantra leading to this trend palette of expressive and uplifting zingy brights. 

Good Company

Consumers today have high demands for transparency, integrity and authenticity – the fair trade movement and farm-to-table organic food trend are prime examples. This trend is interpreted in the Valspar Good Company palette, a collection of rich, familiar and enduring artisanal shades inspired by heritage and handcrafted products and materials.

Shop Visit: Sterling Place

To create a charming, eclectic home, visit Sterling Place in Brooklyn, NY. With three local locations, Sterling Place has a tightly curated selection of furniture and accoutrements to make any area of your house feel finished. 

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Started by Brooklyn native Robert Wilson and his wife a decade ago, Sterling Place is truly a neighborhood business. The perfectly culled mix of antique and New York contemporary gives you the feeling that you've stumbled on the upscale flea market of your dreams. You never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're going to like it. 

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Influences range from nautical to natural, retro to regal, vintage to very now. From furniture to knick knacks, each piece is quite different, yet the Wilsons and shop buyer Margaret Marine ensure everything has a clear aesthetic. They clearly understand their customer, as each item in the shop plays off each other and would make sense in one home.  

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Many home goods stores claim to be "lifestyle" stores, but they don't actually fill all the areas of need for a finished product. At Sterling Place, their collection truly tells the whole story, providing one-stop shopping of sorts. For example, to create a home bar, not only do they stock a gorgeous antique bar cart and 70s retro glassware, but they also have newly released cocktail recipe books, hand-woven cocktail napkins, and antique ashtrays and trinkets to adorn the area. 

On my last visit, some of my favorite finds were: 

Caskata Blue Octopus tableware set

Caskata's Blue Octopus tableware set, specifically the 13.5" serving bowl. A beautiful way of adding a masculine flair to the dinner table.

Candle by the Hour

Candle by the Hour twisted candles. Pull the wax through the copper clip for the desired amount of burn time (about twenty minutes of light per inch), and the flame will self-extinguish upon completion. Gorgeous and genius.

Pinball Machine Coffee Table

Pinball machine coffee table. This coffee table makes use of one of the original pinball machine faces from 1935. It feels quirky and fresh while delivering a dose of old-timey character.

If you don't live in the area, you can order their smaller goods on their website. They don't ship furniture, but haven't you been meaning to visit New York anyway? Sterling Place truly has something for everyone, and any piece from the store will add charm and interest to your home. Happy shopping!

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

This post was written by Lauren.

The Lovely List: Countertop Edition

When it comes to home decor, a small change can make a huge difference. In a new series we're calling The Lovely List, we'll highlight five items that will transform an otherwise forgotten space. Today, we tackle the countertop. We love well-designed kitchen appliances and cookware. Making dinner isn't always easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty. Check out these 5 items that will not only beautify the boring old countertop, but might actually be attractive enough to make you want to cook!

1. Gorgeous Glass

MoMA Glass Pot

This gorgeous glass pot turns boiling pasta into a work of art.
Glass Pot, MoMA Store

2. An Oil Jar to Ogle

Williams Sonoma Copper Oil Creut

This handcrafted copper vessel will make you feel like Ina Garten every time you fix a salad.
Copper Olive Oil Cruet, Williams Sonoma

3. Some Antlers with Your Apples

Anthropologie Cast Antler Bowl

This woodsy bowl will add a vintage noir edge to your countertop, giving you license to use words like "curated" and "styled" when your friends ask how you put together such a cool kitchen.
Cast Antler Bowl, Anthropologie

4. The Ordinary Made Extraordinary 

Bella Housewares Diamonds Collection Slow Cooker
Just because it's a slow cooker doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. This bad boy will make meals easy and look good doing it.
Diamonds Collection Slow Cooker, Bella Housewares

5. Mornings Made Magical

The Coffee Registry Professor Pour Over Stand

Feel fancy from the second you awake with this stately brass and glass combo.
The Professor Pour Over Stand, The Coffee Registry

This post was written by Lauren.