Pillows, pillows, and more pillows!


Do you love throw Pillows? Throw Pillows are the easiest and one of the trendiest decorations for your home. Not only can they be transformable into different seasons of the year, but they always spice up your space without changing much of the room. Throw pillows are always in style. It can add color, texture, and pattern to your sofa, window seat, chairs, and you’re Bed. Pillows “Make the Space” and “finish the space”. 
Sometimes pillows can be the last thing in your mind when you want to revamp your space, but pillows are actually the easiest thing to change out in the room! You can incorporate pillows with different shapes and sizes with your beds, and couches. Mixing different coordinating pillows that are different colors, shapes, and texture is not always a bad thing. Interchanging pillows that are not too matchy to a space helps bring in “your sense of style” and helps bring the space more texture and variety.

Right now, since summer colors are out, the bright fun colors are what you should look for!
Pier One, target, and Home Goods always have fun Pillows for every season, Go to your local store and check out their cool pillows!

Here are some new summer pillows that caught my eye!

Threshold Embroidered Pillow in Coral from Target

Cabana Petal Pillow in Berry from Pier 1

Ceyden Pillow from Lulu & George

Malton Embroidered Pillow from Pier 1

Seraphina starburst pillow from Pier 1

Threshold™ Taped Solid Toss Pillow From Target

Of course Pillows are not just for interior furnishings but you can also use them for exterior patio furniture! Mix matching different colors and patterns gives the patio some serious color and texture!

Pillows are not just for comfort or just to have on your bed or couch, pillows are Fun! Remember to find pillows that are for your space. Pillows that have texture and color are a never bad thing and mix and matching different styles and sizes are important to changing your space and adding a new style to your room!
This post was written by Malai.

Love the Look: Kilim Rugs

Kilim rugs are considered the “it” rug in interior design right now. These unique, flat-woven rugs, originating from areas of Turkey, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Central Asia, are all the buzz!
The style of a kilim rug generally leans towards an eclectic, bohemian room design.  BUT just about everyone is mixing these beauties into their personalized space so effortlessly.  And yes, these geometric patterned rugs are popular for their bold and bright color schemes, but they can just as easily be found in softer pastel colors too-- making kilim rugs perfect for any room in the house!
You will find reproductions just about anywhere, but having a one of a kind weaved Kilim will add some originality to your space. Hunt for unique rugs on Etsy, Ebay, and craiglist!

5 Last-Minute Home Décor Surprises for Mom

Mother’s Day seems to sneak up on many of us every year. This year, even if time is against you, there are a lot of thoughtful ways to surprise your home-décor loving mama. It’s a great opportunity to help her update her home with stylish gifts.

Cuisine Tablet Recipe Holder

It’s vintage and modern all at once! We all know that moms are turning more and more online to find their perfect recipes. Help her embrace her inner-chef with a lovely tablet holder. You can also surprise mom by downloading some cool recipe and grocery apps onto her tablet.

Summer Dinnerware

Stop by your local Pier 1 Imports and pick up stylish summer dinnerware that her guests will not believe is actually melamine. Mom will be instantly inspired to start planning some summer soirees! If you want to make it extra special, make some dinner for her ready to be displayed.

Mirror Trays

Mirror trays are chic and timeless. Make them super functional by surprising mom with a beautiful breakfast on this tray. A pretty summer cocktail will work just as well.

Gallery Wall

It seems like such a simple idea but it’s always a hit! Pick up 4-6 frames in the same color, but different shapes and sizes and print out some of your favorite pictures. Surprise mom with a beautiful arrangement for one of her walls that will be sure to put a tear in her eye. Here are some tips to create the perfect wall.

Hire Her A Designer!

For those moms who prefer to be in charge of all things for her home, help her update one of her spaces by hiring an interior designer for one room. She will be so excited to get started!

Just in time for Mom's Day, Roomations is offering a 25% discount off all design packages. Use code "FRESH25" until May 10th. Check it out!


Whatever you decide to do for your mom, always try to add a personal touch. Mom will be so happy with anything thoughtful you give her and the extra effort you make will just be icing.

This post was written by Lakshmi.