Shop Visit: Sterling Place

To create a charming, eclectic home, visit Sterling Place in Brooklyn, NY. With three local locations, Sterling Place has a tightly curated selection of furniture and accoutrements to make any area of your house feel finished. 

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Started by Brooklyn native Robert Wilson and his wife a decade ago, Sterling Place is truly a neighborhood business. The perfectly culled mix of antique and New York contemporary gives you the feeling that you've stumbled on the upscale flea market of your dreams. You never know what you're gonna find, but you know you're going to like it. 

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Influences range from nautical to natural, retro to regal, vintage to very now. From furniture to knick knacks, each piece is quite different, yet the Wilsons and shop buyer Margaret Marine ensure everything has a clear aesthetic. They clearly understand their customer, as each item in the shop plays off each other and would make sense in one home.  

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

Many home goods stores claim to be "lifestyle" stores, but they don't actually fill all the areas of need for a finished product. At Sterling Place, their collection truly tells the whole story, providing one-stop shopping of sorts. For example, to create a home bar, not only do they stock a gorgeous antique bar cart and 70s retro glassware, but they also have newly released cocktail recipe books, hand-woven cocktail napkins, and antique ashtrays and trinkets to adorn the area. 

On my last visit, some of my favorite finds were: 

Caskata Blue Octopus tableware set

Caskata's Blue Octopus tableware set, specifically the 13.5" serving bowl. A beautiful way of adding a masculine flair to the dinner table.

Candle by the Hour

Candle by the Hour twisted candles. Pull the wax through the copper clip for the desired amount of burn time (about twenty minutes of light per inch), and the flame will self-extinguish upon completion. Gorgeous and genius.

Pinball Machine Coffee Table

Pinball machine coffee table. This coffee table makes use of one of the original pinball machine faces from 1935. It feels quirky and fresh while delivering a dose of old-timey character.

If you don't live in the area, you can order their smaller goods on their website. They don't ship furniture, but haven't you been meaning to visit New York anyway? Sterling Place truly has something for everyone, and any piece from the store will add charm and interest to your home. Happy shopping!

Sterling Place, Brooklyn, NY

This post was written by Lauren.

The Lovely List: Countertop Edition

When it comes to home decor, a small change can make a huge difference. In a new series we're calling The Lovely List, we'll highlight five items that will transform an otherwise forgotten space. Today, we tackle the countertop. We love well-designed kitchen appliances and cookware. Making dinner isn't always easy, but that doesn't mean it can't be pretty. Check out these 5 items that will not only beautify the boring old countertop, but might actually be attractive enough to make you want to cook!

1. Gorgeous Glass

MoMA Glass Pot

This gorgeous glass pot turns boiling pasta into a work of art.
Glass Pot, MoMA Store

2. An Oil Jar to Ogle

Williams Sonoma Copper Oil Creut

This handcrafted copper vessel will make you feel like Ina Garten every time you fix a salad.
Copper Olive Oil Cruet, Williams Sonoma

3. Some Antlers with Your Apples

Anthropologie Cast Antler Bowl

This woodsy bowl will add a vintage noir edge to your countertop, giving you license to use words like "curated" and "styled" when your friends ask how you put together such a cool kitchen.
Cast Antler Bowl, Anthropologie

4. The Ordinary Made Extraordinary 

Bella Housewares Diamonds Collection Slow Cooker
Just because it's a slow cooker doesn't mean it can't be beautiful. This bad boy will make meals easy and look good doing it.
Diamonds Collection Slow Cooker, Bella Housewares

5. Mornings Made Magical

The Coffee Registry Professor Pour Over Stand

Feel fancy from the second you awake with this stately brass and glass combo.
The Professor Pour Over Stand, The Coffee Registry

This post was written by Lauren.

Project Spotlight: Art Deco in New York

Sometimes you just want to add a few new accents or furniture to a room; but once in awhile it's time for a big change. Why not take on five rooms at once?

Dominick was ready to remodel, and jumped at the chance to find a design tailored to his tastes: "I just wanted to make sure I did it right, after living in this apartment for 10 years and thinking about what to do for so long." He also wanted to work with the architecture of his apartment, built in 1930, by tying the rooms together with a classic art deco theme. Bold, geometric patterns, and accessories that invoke luxury and metallic glitz are key to the style. Designer Modecorist delivered on elegance and glamour. 

Dominick's original furnishings were generic and functional, and he hadn't taken advantage of the apartment's unique architecture. 


Dominick's original furnishings were nondescript, shapeless, and functional. Modecorist infused their design with angular lines and symmetrical patterns.

The living room - before

Modecorist's living room styleboard

A coordinating slate gray sofa and armchair pair deliver strong lines without sacrificing comfort, and offer a neutral base for a decorative pillow in a sunny yellow. A Greek key border and a maze-like rug stand out without overwhelming the room.

The hallway styleboard

The motif of symmetrical patterns is repeated in the hallway with a patterned runner inspired by traditional deco flooring. Though not perfectly symmetrical, the mosaic of black and white photos is a nod to the sharp lines of Dominick's preferred style.


What's more glamorous than the roaring 20s? The bedroom is a great place for sumptuous fabrics, fun patterns, and a few well-placed dramatic accessories.

The bedroom styleboard

Jewel tones on the walls and the accent pillows mingle with the velvety silver of the slipper chair and the studded headboard. A warm, red rug is a pleasantly surprising feature in a room dominated by cooler colors. Finally, a crystal chandelier worthy of Jay Gatsby adds the perfect touch of drama.


Silver and gold aren't just for the holidays; a little flash is fun all year round.

The kitchen - before
The kitchen styleboard

The kitchen is a great place to add some shine. Here, Modecorist suggested a chrome bar cart, light fixture, stools, and simple table that work for a small space. Simple white rectangular cabinets and a white tile backslash brighten the room even more.

The office/guest room - before

The office/guest room styleboard

In the combined office/guest room, the designer used jewel tones in the furnishings and walls like the bedroom, but added gold to the palette in the form of a starburst mirror. A sleeper sofa saves space and makes the room truly multifunctional. A simple dark wooden desk with an antique feel is both a useful workspace and a beautiful accessory.

Dominick's designs ensure his rooms are classic with a modern appeal that will endure as an homage to early 20th century design while mixing comfort and style.