Last Minute Thanksgiving Décor

The holidays are here! Thanksgiving is just a few days away and if you’re anything like me, your life pretty much depends on last minute plans and day before décor. Check out these easy ways to spruce up your home and get ready for company!

Your family may be distracted by the delicious food you’ve prepared, but a beautiful presentation will really be the icing on the cake.  If you don’t have a runner for your table, there’s still time! Keep it simple and go for West Elm’s Fishnet Woven Runner.  Incorporating natural materials into your design will create the perfect rustic charm for your table.  If shopping isn’t in the cards, try using leftover burlap from a previous project.  You can even set aside some time for a fun DIY—check out Martha Stewart’s how-to on making a doily runner.
Add to your rustic vibe by creating a vintage centerpiece for your table. Choose a narrow furniture drawer that will leave enough space on each side of the table for guests to eat. Next, fill the drawer with mason jars, each holding flowers or candles. Classic and effortless, your last minute centerpiece won’t go unnoticed.  

Plate Settings
Now that you’ve decorated the table, you can focus on where each person is sitting.  While some find place cards to be too traditional, I personally think they make people feel special—and what better holiday than Thanksgiving to show your guests just how much you care? A clever way of personalizing each place setting is by writing each name on a leaf. First, color a maple leaf with a gold-leaf pen.  Then, after it dries, write their name in the center with a black pen. You can also tie a piece of eucalyptus and lavender together and attach a handwritten tag with each guest's name.
For easy cleanup and a playful pre-dinner activity, use brown craft paper to make placemats. Write in cursive, bring out your nicest silverware and have each person fill out what they are thankful for. This is one of my family traditions and it is a hit year after year.

Around The House
Although your guests will be centered around the table, don’t forget about the rest of your home. No one’s saying you need to go over the top here, but work in details wherever you can. Stick to classic holiday decor such as pine leaves or pinecones. Go for a walk and see what you find—these guys are everywhere! You can lay pine leaves along your mantle or entryway table with candles surrounding them. Or have some fun and tack on a light coat of gold spray paint to your pinecones—this will add warmth and shine to your space. You can fill bowls and vases with pinecones or even string them around the house. You can also look back at our “How To Decorate For The Holidays” post for more suggestions such as cable knit throws, faux fur pillows and wood accents.

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Style Board: An Eclectic Home

For those of you who are fans of eclectic design, I know you hear me when I say this style has commonly been misunderstood. While many view eclectic style as “chaotic” or “random,” it’s concept is quite simple; it focuses on mixing the old with the new.

This type of design is known for its blend of cultures and time periods as well.  Surprisingly enough, the mix of styles don’t compete with each other and instead work together to create a harmonious relationship.
If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry; this design style is all about experimenting. Begin by pulling from your favorite things. For example, I like to combine Moroccan rugs with Venetian mirrors. Then I bring in pops of brass, patterned pillows in bright hues, and textures found in fabrics, woods, and décor. Many designs can appear effortless when you just focus on what you love.
And although decorating eclectically allows for loose rules, remember to apply common design principles such as following a consistent color scheme and keeping scale and proportion in mind.

Shopping List

This post was created by Erica.