Style Board: Bedroom Accessories

When decorating your bedroom, the most important tip to remember is to keep it simple. A bedroom should act as a safe haven, with little clutter and classic décor.

Bedroom Home Decor Style Board

To create a relaxing environment, try and decorate your space with natural materials. If your nightstand has a shelf, fill the space with a seagrass basket. You can neatly store your nighttime reads, lotions, and any other odds and ends you may have. For something extra, place a small tray next to your bedside. This can act as a jewelry dish or hold personal mementos. Organic pieces of coral and crystal votive holders are another one of my go-tos for natural home décor. Place them on your nightstand, dresser or vanity for a serene ambiance, along with assorted candles to keep you relaxed.

Shopping List

1. Kate Spade medium square dish from Bed Bath & Beyond
2. Audrey lamp in navy from Lulu & Georgia
3. Natural frame from Furbish Studio
4. Beachcomber utility basket from Pottery Barn
5. Voluspa french cade lavender scalloped edge glass candle from Nordstrom

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This post was created by Erica.

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Make Your First Apartment Feel Like Home

When moving into your very first place, the idea of decorating and shopping for new pieces can be overwhelming. Take a look at these tips to get prepared for your exciting new journey!

Buy What You Love

You should never have a home filled with pieces you’re unsure about or don’t find beautiful. Quality triumphs over quantity so choose pieces that speak to you and avoid impulse purchases. Your new place will be complete with time so try not to rush the process.

With what you do buy, be sure to have a specific style in mind and don’t stray from that. If your budget is limited, and your shopping list is short, it’s especially important that your furniture and décor complement each other. Industrial chic, minimal modern, rustic, and eclectic are just a few design styles to choose from.

Be Practical

Choose furniture and décor that will grow with you. It’s tempting to shop for trendy pieces that are in style right now, or even on sale. But stay away from these buys, and ask yourself if you’re going to love that hot-pink chevron rug two years down the line. And pass on that vintage patterned sofa and instead invest in furniture upholstered in a solid color.

For pattern and color you always have the option of bringing in decorative pillows that can easily be switched out later on.

Think Ahead

Since this is your first place, thinking of moving a second time is probably the farthest thought from your mind. But do consider that what you buy for your first place might not work so well in your next home. I’ve made the common mistake of buying large furniture only to regret it later when my media console was way too wide for my sophomore apartment.  

Focus on buying smaller items with multiple uses. For example, floor poufs and ottomans not only can be used for extra seating, but can also work as side tables or in place of a coffee table. This will help save space in your apartment as well as lend more options for the future.


When it comes to specific items, there are some must-haves to buy for your first place. Lighting, for example, should not be overlooked. Pass on harsh overhead lights and opt for incandescent table and floor lamps.  Soft lighting is the best way to help your place feel like home.  

You can also invest in sheer window panels to let in more natural light so your apartment will look larger and cleaner. You may also want to speak with your landlord and get permission to repaint your walls. A warm grey or a bold, navy accent wall are two ways to make the space your own and bring some life to your new place.

This post was created by Erica.

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Roomations Design Services [Infographic]

Today's post is literally a Roomations Crib Sheet: a one page guide to Roomations! If you've thought about getting designs for your room but weren't sure where to start, we have made it super easy to figure it out with this fun infographic flow chart thingy.

Just follow the arrows to discover which design plan is best for you, then visit the Roomations Get Started page.

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