How To Decorate Your Home For The Holidays

The holidays are finally here and it’s time to spice up your home! Take a look at some easy design tips to make your home cozy and festive for the fall and winter months.

Pops of Color
Don’t be afraid to bring in some color! Adding colorful accents to your living room will give your home a cheerful look for the holiday season.  Pops of red, for example, go a long way—be sure to keep your eye out for patterned throws such as plaid and chevron as well as decorative pillows. For a classic look, shop for pillows with embroidered holiday words such as “Joy” or “Peace.” You can also add some glam to your space with a sequined pillow cover or have some fun with a Grinch themed pillow from PBteen!
Another way to add color to your home is by filling decorative bowls with bright, vintage ornaments. Shades of pink, red and gold make a beautiful combination.

Candles and Lighting
It wouldn’t be the holidays without the proper lighting. String lights may be a cliché, but when done right they can transform a room and create the perfect ambiance. Tastefully wrapping lights around your banister is a good place to start. Adding garlands will help hide the cord and also give a more natural look. Another option is to hang lights around an entry mirror.  This will create a romantic, inviting display—what a dreamy sight to come home to!
If you live for vintage décor like I do, hunt down an old Marquee light-up letter to hang on your wall. There is such a strong sense of nostalgia associated with Marquee lights and what better time to display them than during the holidays!
Candles are also a must. Disperse them around your living room in mercury glass votives or cluster them under your mantle for a modern-day fireplace. If you like a scented candle, try a woodsy candle such as Stag from The Soap and Paper Factory—it’s one of my all time favorites!

Cozy Fall Accents
This may seem like a given, but I can’t stress enough how important it is to make your home cozy and inviting this time of year. Yes, your home should be a haven all year round, but with the temperature dropping, relax, get comfortable and bring out those cable knit throws and fur blankets. If you prefer decorating in neutrals, cashmere throws in cream will help soften your space while cowhide or velvet pillows will add texture and interest. You can even shop for leather floor poufs in a chocolate brown to bring more warmth to the room. 
For more distinct accents and texture, fill large vases with pinecones or wine corks, use petrified wood slabs as decorative trays or serving platters, and hang a good old fashioned wreath on your door--those never go out of style!

Easy DIY Projects
Believe it or not, there is a DIY project for every occasion. And during the holidays, why not have some fun and break out a craft? For Halloween, skip the mess of carving pumpkins and follow some easy pumpkin painting tutorials. Go ahead and search Pinterest for ideas and inspiration. One of my favorites is to paint my pumpkins a matte black or white with the stem a metallic gold. You can also step outside the box and paint a bold pattern on your pumpkins like chevron or ikat.
Of course there are other projects for other holidays. For example, make your own coasters from tree branches—try birch wood if you can. This rustic look will look amazing incorporated into your thanksgiving place settings. Another fun project is to stack wooden crates in the shape of a holiday tree, and then fill the crates with wrapped gifts. This modern alternative to the Christmas tree will be the perfect statement piece your home needs this season!

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Style Board: Nursery Accessories

The vast array of decor options available can make designing your first nursery overwhelming. To make things simpler, start by choosing a color story and a nursery theme for your room.

Choosing a soft color palette with light grays will give your nursery a light and airy feel. Bringing in blush tones and pops of light blue will add a feminine touch and warmth to your space. And by matching décor to colors found in your wall art will pull everything together: it’s all in the details.
As for themes, I find it easier to complete a room when I have a plan-- plus it makes things more fun! Elephants and owls are two popular animal themes to choose from while safari and celestial are other common room designs.

Shopping List
6. Large Silver Metallic Basket from Pottery Barn Kids

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5 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

We all make design slips from time to time, but do we know what they are? Take a look at some of the most common mistakes and what to do instead.

Impulse Buys
Beautiful things are everywhere, but when you buy without a design in mind, you end up with a mishmash of styles and décor that doesn’t necessarily work together. If you’re redecorating a specific room, get ideas from magazines, pinterest or style boards. Don’t stray from a color story or theme you may have in mind. Instead, match your styles, complement your materials, and have fun accessorizing.

Scale and Proportion
No one likes that awkward space between the end of the nightstand and the wall or that wool rug that’s a tad too small for your living room. Working with scale happens to be a common struggle for most homeowners. We often forget that the details make the design and a few inches off can alter everything. Make sure to make the most out of your home by choosing furniture that utilizes your space and area rugs that fit appropriately.

Artwork Everywhere
Not every wall calls for artwork. When you cover the walls of your home with everything you love, the room can be read as crowded and small. Instead, leave room for the eye to wander and keep your home feeling open and spacious.
For the wall art you do showcase, be sure it’s centered, balanced and evenly displayed on your walls. I suggest hanging groups of threes on a focal wall or focusing on one, large-scaled work.

Low Curtains
Don’t make the mistake of hanging your curtains too low. The goal is to install your curtain rod higher to the ceiling rather than directly above your window. This tricks the eye and creates the illusion of higher ceilings, making your room appear larger and more spacious.

Mixing Woods
Modern design focuses on mixing glass with lacquer, marble and reclaimed wood; giving any room that wow-factor. Feel free to mix materials, as you should never have anything in your home that reads “matchy-matchy.” However, I advise against mixing wood types. Sticking with the same wood blends will keep your home looking organized and timeless.

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