Style Board: Gallery Wall

We see them printed in magazines, on the walls of design stores, and chatted about throughout the Internet. Gallery walls are the next big thing in the design world. And although this artistic design choice is not a new one, the new eclectic take on the trend definitely is.

So how does one go about creating a gallery wall? What’s so special about gallery walls is that no wall is alike. Each one tells a story and paints a portrait of the owner. But to have a well balanced, successfully styled wall there are some tips to keep in mind.
For example, make sure you are distributing your colors equally. Just like other aspects of interior design, it’s important to have a color scheme. Pair together colors that compliment each other or opt for a monochromatic palette. You also want to choose art prints and paintings that vary in size.  Feel free to bring in decorative objects or memorabilia, varying in material, that you can mount or frame. This will keep the eye moving in your space and create balance. 

Shopping List

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Top Places To Shop For Vintage Decor

In with the new, in with the old! The hunt for vintage décor is a trend that has never gone out of style. Incorporating antiques into your home will not only bring an element of eclecticism to your space, but by marrying different décor styles, you’ll add a bit of history to your home.

I turn to Craigslist when I’m on the hunt for unique furniture. There are always amazing listings for campaign dressers, bamboo side chairs and retro bar carts.
The most wonderful thing is that there are new items added constantly. So if you miss out on a piece, there’s bound to be another before you know it. With Craigslist, you’re not committed to buying the piece right away. You can go look at the furniture and decide then—big plus! And you can often haggle with the buyer to find a price that works for the both of you.

Local Resale Shops
One of my favorite things to do is to drive around on a free day and hit up all the resale shops in my area. The best shops are the ones that are packed to the brim, full of odds and ends and miscellaneous collections. Part of the adventure lies in not knowing what you’ll find. But, chances are you’ll go home with a hidden gem. You can even let the owners know what you’re on the hunt for and they can call you if they get it in.

Sure the website is known for handcrafted art and jewelry, but Etsy also specializes in vintage furniture, décor, lighting—you name it. Etsy is very specific and all about search terms. If you’re looking for furniture, be sure to shop your location (you can potentially save on shipping costs if the seller agrees to letting you pick up the piece).  If you’re browsing for smaller pieces, make sure you’re looking under the vintage tab. Search for terms such as lacquer, bamboo, mid-century modern, brass, etc.

One Kings Lane
One Kings Lane (OKL) is one of the most well-reputed, online marketplaces for designers. Especially OKL’s Vintage Boutique Shop. Every week new items are added to the site, giving you something to look forward to! With the website’s high traffic, items tend to sell rather quickly. My advice? Go ahead and download the phone app so you have on-the-go access.  

This post was written by Erica.

5 Ways to Refresh Your Space

What better way to welcome the spring season than by refreshing your décor? Set aside some time and follow these simple, easy steps to transform your space.

Take down some of the prints and paintings you’ve been staring at for a while now. Bring in colorful new works that make you feel good. I tend to shop on websites such as Furbish Studio and Etsy. Both sites are constantly growing with new, independent artists to choose from. And to make things even easier on yourself, order prints that will fit your current picture frames.  There’s no need to hammer a new hole in your wall.

Window Panels
Switching out your window treatments will give your space the makeover it needs for spring. This will only work if you are currently using window panels in your home. Bring in a bold pattern, panels with colorful fringe or embroidery or even opt for classic white sheers.  Try and shop during a sale, and save your coupons, as window treatments can be expensive.

I can’t stress the importance of buying pillow covers and pillow inserts separately. Although it’s often more expensive, this is the reason why it’s done: so you can easily switch your pillow covers per season. When shopping retail, stores are always a season ahead. This allows you to grab the goods early before they sell out! Make a statement and bright the bright corals and shades of aqua into your home!

It’s not what you think; there is no need to go buy all new lighting fixtures just because spring is approaching. But if you love your table lamps, try out a new shade for fun. This may mean bringing in a new color or simply choosing a basic white shade to brighten your space.

Although this is a larger commitment, it will be most successful in refreshing your home.  Even by painting your walls a few shades lighter, you will see a significant change in your space. Stay light in color, as going darker will make your room appear smaller and less airy.

This post was created by Erica.