Holiday Anxiety Over Entertaining?

Do you still have no art up on your walls? Do you have damaged walls? Do you have one couch and 40 guests? Have no fear, there is plenty you can do to get your place guest-ready for entertaining!
Here are some quick tips:
  1. Paint to add color: Painting takes one day, and can make the most impact on the look of your room. Paint can bring out lighting and make a room appear larger. Take the weekend before your party to spruce up those walls! If you are time-strapped, you can make just an accent wall.

  2. Decorations: It takes a while to find art you like. Take advantage of your empty walls by adding holiday decorations. Make interesting holiday decorations by framing wrapping paper to add color and patterns to the walls. This is inexpensive and quick!

  3. Tablecloths: Tablecloths can cover an old table to add space for food and drinks. Head to the dollar store!

  4. Wine Glasses: Only have a few wine glasses? We found these great Ikea wine glasses for under a dollar each! Have your party in style!
  5. Utilize open space: Have no worries on not having enough furniture – music will set the mood for people to mill around and mingle.

  6. Most importantly, don’t stress too much! Everyone will always be happy to have a place to go to have a great time!
This post was written by Jessica.

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