The Fight Against Ugliness.

by Lakshmi 

When any of us mentions Roomations to new acquaintances, we almost always hear something like “I totally need that! My place is ugly!”  Every time we hear those words, it inspires us even more to continue our cause to fight ugliness, to make interior design more affordable for those who cannot fight themselves. With that in mind, we put together a few tips for you to start the good fight and turn your home into the beautiful space it could be.
  1. Visualize your room and not individual pieces - Many people have 1 or 2 furniture or accessory pieces in their head that they “love.”  This is a great place to start, but think about how those pieces will fit into the overall vision of your room. Buying a bunch of random pieces is a recipe for disaster unless you figure out a good way to make them look cohesive.
  2. Details matter!  Those throw pillows and candles can really bring out the best in your room. They’re fun to look at (and cuddle with) and are a great inexpensive way to bring cohesiveness through colors and textures. Check out these amazing pillows at Pier 1
  3. Personalize!  Whether it’s your own personal style, artwork or personalizing with pictures, make sure that your place has a unique touch you can call your own.
  4. Accept it ugly things will enter your room. Acceptance is the first step towards starting the fight. Whether it’s the TV that we all know is necessary, yet can only fit in an awkward place, or the piles of work and mail you have to get through, figuring out a great solution to incorporate your everyday needs is incredibly important. Think about reaching out to a professional organizer or take a trip to the Container Store for some inspiration.
  5. Get help. Ask your friends who know ugly when they see it. Or better yet, reach out to a Roomations designer! No one will judge. We all just want to help.

Lastly, don’t give up. Fighting ugliness is an ongoing battle, but you will get better at it. Besides, in the world of ugliness, perception is more important than reality. Creating a great space is easy – shhh... no one needs to know you didn’t come up with the ideas! 

This post was written by Lakshmi.

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