It's Hot Out There! Keeping Your Home Cool.

In case you haven’t noticed, there’s a heat wave out there! It's just hot enough to keep us all continuously complaining about the weather. Ice Cream shops are lined up with customers, the pools are full of summer vacay kids, and everyone’s outfits are getting skimpier than ever (this can be good or bad!). As many of you are staying indoors more, we’ve compiled a list of things you can do to keep your home cool, energy efficient and also add some style!

1. Replace your windows
According to the EPA, Energy Star-qualified windows can save the typical household $125-$450 per year in energy costs when replacing single-pane windows and $25-$110 per year when replacing double-pane clear-glass windows. Now is a great time to replace those old windows, and lower your bills!
2. Delay Heat Producing Activities
Save energy and keep your kitchen cool at dinnertime. Use your grill and microwave instead of the cooktop and oven as much as possible. Plan your schedule so you can run the dryer, dishwasher, and oven in the early morning or night rather than in the heat of the day. Also, air-conditioning lowers humidity as it cools the air, so no need to run a separate dehumidifier.

3. Turn It Up!
According to the Consumer Energy Center, experts say that the recommended temperature setting for comfort and energy savings in an air-conditioned room is 78 degrees Fahrenheit. Sure that may seem hot, but resist the urge to drop the temperature on your thermostat, which taxes your cooling unit. Overuse of the A/C has been causing power outages, and no one wants that. Plus you can wear fewer clothes when the heat is up!

4. Move the Air!
It may seem obvioius, but if you keep the air in your house moving with a ceiling, box, or window fans, you'll feel cooler. Place window fans in your north-facing windows to draw in the cooler air. Place others in your south-facing windows to push out the hot interior air. Box fans keep the air moving horizontally; ceiling fans should be set so they blow air down during the summer months. Check out these ceiling fans that can keep you cool without being an eye sore:

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Lastly, did you know that an A/C unit that operates in the shade uses less energy? Plant some trees or shrubs around your unit or place a cool umbrella above it to keep it cool. There are so many little things you can do to keep your place energy efficient and cool (in more ways than one!).  Do you have any favorite tricks that you've used or seen this summer?

This post was written by Lakshmi.


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  2. I didn't realize that replacing your windows could have a big impact on your home's temperature. Then again, it makes sense that you would want to do something like that. After all, having the blinds open can seriously impact the room's temperature. Why wouldn't a new window?