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Summer has arrived, and it is your chance to relax outdoors with a lemonade and book in hand, or maybe with a group of friends to watch the fireworks. But are you walking into a concrete and weeded jungle? Weed away those concerns by creating the ultimate outdoor living space, with these tips!

1. Place outdoor plants and shrubbery around your outdoor area to create a private and peaceful space. Greenery creates the aura of being open and yet sheltered, and multiple varieties of greens provide a lush and natural touch. Mix up the greens with colored flowers for a fresh and vibrant feel.

2. Create fixtures with outdoor elements to bring the inside of the house outdoors. Small stone fireplaces, wooden side tables, and subdued outdoor lighting will create a cozy space.

3. Make sure to differentiate your outdoor space from your indoor space by adding fun, whimsical touches. A swing, rocking chair or hammock can make the outdoor space become your summer destination.

4. Your outdoor space should suit your unique needs. If you plan to have a lot of guests, get a large patio table. If you enjoy reading, make sure you have a plush chaise lounge. Make the spaces your to enjoy this season!

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This post was written by Jessica.

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