Let's Be Honest: There Are Too Many Classes Between Art and P.E.

Its back-to-school time which means saying good-bye to summer and getting serious about biology exams and impressing the popular kids! Sometimes improving the interior design of our homes can also feel like it’s all about getting the right answers and showing off to others—neither of which are any fun if you ask me! So, as we gear-up for fall, here are a couple of quick lessons on making your space a little lighter, a little more whimsical, less stodgy and hopefully very enjoyable. As your instructor, I should let you know that my own best subjects in school were Art and P.E. In my class there are no rules to follow and coloring outside the lines is strongly encouraged.

Lesson #1: Play like the French

If you want to be inspired by the French, there’s no need to worry about foreign languages and funny hats. One of the best places in Paris is wildly whimsical Stravinsky Place and its nearby neighbor the Centre Pompidou. In this urban center you will find a musically-inspired fountain enlivened by kinetic metal sculptures created by Jean Tinguley and colorful resin sculptures imagined by his wife Niki de Saint Phalle. The jovial spectacle is the centerpiece of a group of cafes, museums and public plazas and an unbelievably successful example of urban art and the creation of a place to gather and socialize. Don’t be afraid to be just as bold and light-hearted in decorating your own place for gathering with friends and family.

Stravinsky Place

Lesson #2: Bring in the Wild Animals

When I was a kid my big sister, Kim, had a lamp that featured a stuffed-animal raccoon at the base and a lamp shade on the top. It was cute, but had a certain age limit to it, if you know what I mean? Now, thanks to Moooi, a Google search for Horse Lamp turns up some absolutely amazing results fit for adults. If you don’t have space for a horse in your house, Moooi also makes a pig tray and a rabbit lamp which are smaller, more affordable and a little less dramatic (personally, I want the horse).

Moooi Horse Lamp

Lesson #3: Write on the Walls

The kids that did well in science class have gone on to invent some practically magic products, including chalk board paint and white board paint. With the different options available, there is no excuse not to be writing on the walls. Traditionally, I have preferred the chalk board paint because I think it has a little more character than white white board. However, companies that make white board paints have started to come out with different color options which open up a whole new world of possibilities. Are you getting any ideas?

Chalkboard Paint in Room

That concludes my class, which means its time for recess. Speak up should you have any questions, comments, gossip or back-talk for the rest of us. Otherwise, jump out of your seat and go outside to play while the weather is still warm.

This post was written by Katie.

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