Slacks and (Window) Shades

What do your clothes say about your home? A lot. For those who feel dizzy at the thought of walking through an Ikea, start with your closet as a guide.
So what can your clothes say about you? Let’s take a look:

Vivid and wild colors: This says that you are more daring and are willing to take risks in your home. Perhaps you can try the lime green wall cover to make your room stand out, or have instillation art on your wall. Bold is for you.

Organized: If your closet is sorted by color, then sub-sorted by type of clothing and then style, you’ll want a nicely organized functional living space. Try Komplement interior organizers at Ikea for a great start on that closet.

High School Clothes: If you still have clothes lying around from your prom days, it is time to clean out, not just your closet, but your whole home! Reducing what’s in the house and limiting yourself to only the most essential items in each room will help create a more spacious and homey atmosphere. Take a few weekends and slowly determine what you truly use the different spaces in your home for and how to make them more amenable to your life.

This post was written by Lakshmi.

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