Carpet or Flooring?

You’re redoing your living room, and the question arises: Carpeting or Wood Flooring? It’s one we’ve all contemplated – the cozy vs. the sophisticated, the color options vs. the natural palette. Here are the top benefits of both carpets and hardwood flooring – but we won’t tell you which to pick. You’ll have to take a look and decide for yourself!

Benefits of Carpet

  1. Variety: Carpets come in many types and colors, so you have a multitude of options. The main types available to you are Plush, made to make you feel like you’re walking on a bed of cotton balls; Textured Plush, which is more dense and often used for the entire home; Berber, which is extremely durable; and Frieze, which is a shaggy carpet often used in entryways as the fibers curl and easily hide footprints. You can choose colors that are as subdued or as bold as your personality.
  2. Safety: If you have a young one or a clumsy one at home, carpets provide less slip than flooring – an important safety feature!
  3. Easier Maintenance: If you are constantly on the go, you may want to consider carpet as your preferred option. It is more apparent when a hardwood floor is dirty, requiring continual sweeping and mopping maintenance. Carpets generally require an easy vaccum (and a periodic carpet clean.)

child on carpet

Benefits of Wood Flooring

  1. Durability: Wood flooring is known for its durability over time. If your top priority is investing in your home for a future sale, hardwood may be the way to go.
  2. Timeless: Wood flooring does not go out of style. Whereas one may turn around and wonder how that 1960’s orange-shag-with-flower-pattern carpet got in their home, no one will ever wonder how a well-maintained hardwood floor got in the house.
  3. Matches: One key benefit of a wood floor is that it goes with everything. If you choose to change your furniture down the line, a hardwood floor will be the friend who stays by your side.

room with hardwood floor

This post was written by Jessica.


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  5. For me, carpet is more appealing to use because it can save more energy in the house. Carpets can make a measurable contribution to retaining the warmth in a room and therefore saving energy. Carpets have low heat conduction and are natural thermal insulators creating a heat barrier.