Room Dividers

We recently completed a project where a homeowner asked to divide a large room into a half guest/half office. Check out the before/after pictures here! This project got me thinking about ways to divide your space. Room dividers come in a variety of materials and can be a great solution if you're tired of a floor plan that's too open, need to downsize, or you just want to carve out a home office in a guest room or family room. It can also be a great barrier between you and your roommate! Here's the latest looks for dividing your room:


Using shelving to divide your room is a great practical solution. You can store your books and create a new room with one piece of furniture! To get this look, check out Ikea's Expedit collection. 

Traditional Folding Screen Dividers

Traditional folding screens are a great way for adding privacy, dividing a room or finishing off a corner. It's also nice that they can be moved around, allowing more flexibility to how your room is divided. There are a ton of great options for folding screens online. We love bargain shopping here and found a ton of options on

Felt Panels

A bit more upscale, the Spanish design studio ABR created feel-thru, felt panels connected by magnets and hung from an overhead track. The panels fold like an accordian or slide out to screen views and absorb noise. Available at

Fancy Decor Dividers

HomePort collections has created Frond, a system of interlocking, polypropylene pieces that can be hung in varied lengths. This is a great way to add high style and divide your room! Available at

Frond Black or White

Plastic! Get Creative

The design studio Mio sells Loop by the Yard, a textile-like material made from Tyvek that can be used to make a DIY room divider. The screens pictured here could be re-created with a ceiling hook, fishing line, a wooden dowel and some sewing. Get this material at mioculture. Mioculture also sells a number of flexible, durable materials. So if you're feeling creative, check out their collection!

This post was written by Lakshmi.


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  2. Having a room divider is a great way in using your extra space in your home.

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  4. There are lots of ways to divide the rooms without reconstructing or renovating. Furniture can be used as dividers. On the other hand, curtains and some inexpensive dividers can be bought online and offline. It's always a good practice to buy furniture and divider that compliment well with your floors.