Cool Thanksgiving Decoration Ideas

by Lakshmi

It's one of our favorite times of year ... the Thanksgiving holidays! For those of you hosting your family and friends this year, we've put together some unique ideas for Thanksgiving decorating. We wanted to go out of the box and show you some ideas that will surely make your mother-in-law regret the sny comments she makes!

Setting the Table
Who says you have to go with the typical orange and browns. Check out this amazing set-up that feels warm and cozy, yet so chic! To get this look, layer the rustic with the glamorous. Use low centerpieces and sparkles in just the right places.

Create a Warm Welcome
First impressions matter! There's nothing more welcoming than a beautiful entry. Impress your guests by taking some time to find the right accessories to decorate your entry table. Mix the traditional with modern by using both tall and short vases. These graphic calla lillies look lovely in contemporary vases.

pumpkin covered in patterned hosiery
Unique and Chic!
For an idea that will keep everyone talking ... try hosed pumpkins! Keep your old textured and patterned hosiery to make some quick, chic decor! Just slip your arm all the way through the hose, grab the stem of the pumpkin and fold over. Be ready for the "Wow, you're so creative!" comments!

Add fresh flowers
Filling vases with fall flowers will surely brighten up the space. Just remember to keep it compact if you're using it on your table. No one wants to have too little room for their dessert!


Speaking of dessert, how adorable are these!  These turkey cupcakes are so simple to make. All you need is frosting and some candy corns. Be careful, the kids will eat them up! Too bad you can't do the same thing for broccolli!

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