Ideas for Bedroom Decoration Themes

Guest Post by Tess Matthews

Are you the kind who turns over the pages of home and décor magazines with a touch of longing and envy? Do you wish to make your bedroom the talk of the neighborhood? Perhaps you should opt to decorate you bedroom with a theme. With a little money and a lot of creativity you could turn your bedroom into an inviting oasis of luxury.

To start with, think of themes that appeal to you. The variety is so mind-boggling that you would be spoilt for choice. Choose the style and colors that appeal to you most.
  • If you are a nature-loving person, go with the greens or earth tones. Terracotta and deep browns can highlight that old, cream colored crochet bedcover that you treasure. 
  • Or if you like the sea, choose turquoise, aquamarine and sapphire.
Do not limit yourself by just painting the walls in your favourite colors. Your walls could be a clean white but your bed linen and pillows and cushions could be the colors that touch a chord in you. Mix and match the shades.  Make your bedroom a dappled forest or an underwater world, a piece of the starry sky with your choice of theme.

If you feel you are not up to creating your own theme, then choose popular and traditional ones that appeal to you.

It could be Classic or Tudor, French or Modernistic, Victorian or Country. Then there are Rustic and Spanish, Princess and Gypsy. You name it and you can have it.  Each one of them has its charm and one could have a tough time choosing between them.

The theme you choose should make you feel comfortable and should not make you feel like a stranger in your bedroom. There are enough books and magazines and more importantly websites that help you with pictures of themes.

Themed Kid's Room

If it is your kids’ room then the choice multiplies. All the favourite themes of Walt Disney and Andersen are out there as also zoo, circus, jungle, space, dinosaurs, cowboys, Batman and Superman, marine world or even a baseball theme to delight your boy or girl.

For the teenagers, funky themes with their favourite pop star or sports icon are available. You can choose to do it yourself or you could use a professionals help. Choose a theme for a bedroom and see how your house changes.

The bedroom would be the most visited room now.

Tess Mathews is a freelance writer and a home improvement specialist. When not writing, Tess enjoys shopping, cooking, reading, working out and her early-morning sleeps on the memory foam mattress she recently bought.


  1. Great idea.....Very much like my bedroom. I love that you can add a splash of any color to brighten it if you'd like..

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