Lighting Your Home

Lighting transforms the atmosphere in our homes. It can make our rooms more inviting, and put us in a state of high-energy or of relaxation. Consider a number of these lighting options for your home:

1. The kitchen is a place in the home where you are working to prepare meals for you or your family. “Cabinet lighting” is now available to help you read better in dark spots, such as near the stove and beneath cabinets. These small lights attach and last a long time. This small improvement will make you take charge of your day-to-day cooking.

2. A number of companies now create “flame-free” candles. These are battery powered with a shade over them, and flicker like a real candle. This is a great option to relax while you fall asleep. The shades can also be purchased in different colors and designs to match the look of your home. You can now feel like you are in a bed and breakfast in your room, and not worry about falling asleep with a candle burning.

3. Consider getting standing lamps to add atmosphere to your living room. A dim light will make your place look comfortable and homey, and will transform the atmosphere at night. 

This post was written by Jessica.


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