A Peek Inside WNY Book Arts Center

At WNY Book Arts Center, the tools and techniques of traditional book printing arts are leading to new creative works.

Recently, I had the chance to visit Buffalo, NY for the National Preservation Conference. Before my trip, I wrote a blog post on historic Buffalo homes in which I promised to share any unusual and remarkable finds that I came across during my visit. While I saw tons of amazing architecture, the most unique find of my trip was the Western New York (WNY) Book Arts Center, a boutique shop that creates unique art using traditional print making tools in a variety of ways. 

Art prints are sold at the ground level retail shop, along with cards, posters and unique books about printing arts. This floor also contains an art gallery with rotating exhibits. 

More than just a boutique retailer, WNY Book Arts Center is a non-profit educational organization that offers many classes in their basement print shop. Below is staff member Chris showing me how the printing press works to create art.

The shop recently created a series of prints showcasing Buffalo architecture. To do this, they had to get creative about what stamps would create the appropriate appearance for architectural materials and details, such as cornices and bricks. Chris showed me a print of the Buffalo Central Terminal, a historic train station currently being restored through the efforts of volunteers.

Each work of art contains hundreds, sometimes thousands, of tiny stamping blocks that together makeup the whole composition.

Members of the WNY Book Arts Center collaborative as well as others can learn to create their own prints. On the day I visited, there were a number of amateur and professional artists at work in the basement print shop.

The WNY Book Arts Center is located at 468 Washington at Mohawk in Buffalo, NY and can be reached via telephone at 716 348 1430. For more information, including events, classes and ways to support the center, visit http://www.wnybookarts.org/ . To purchase some of their art prints, check out the WNYBAC Etsy shop.

This post was written by Katie.

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  1. barb h7:03 PM

    the stamping blocks for the terminal is a beautiful metal relief/sculpture. thanks for the post; it's on my list now!

  2. Wow!amazing. The stamping blocks are really great.