House Project: Part I – Buying The Ugly House

In this blog series Jessica, co-founder of Roomations, shares her personal story of transforming an awkward and outdated Cincinnati house into a place that reflects her style and adds real estate value.

Vision is everything. 

I sat on my house for three months before purchasing. Why? Because it had an ugly carpet, ugly paintings, and was oddly large. 

A space too large in an urban setting? How can that be?

Exactly. It wasn’t until my Realtor called over one of her designer friends and had her walk me through what would later be my favored living space that I could imagine how this place would be transformed.

The living room seemed too dark and uncomfortably large.

“It looks really dark right now – a lighter shade will brighten this room up. There’s almost no furniture – you can get an L-shaped couch, and section the room into two. For the kitchen – it’s a large space. You’ll take out the carpet, restain the cabinets. The structure is fine – it’s just all the finishings.”

I thought about it. Was there potential beneath the carpet in the kitchen, the trash compactor, the record player and the vast abyss of space? Come to think of it, the “character” in all the other places I had looked at meant they didn’t have enough living or closet space. This place could hold all my stuff, and then some. The living room was enormous – I could hold yoga classes in there. And in the kitchen, too.

Did I really want to take this project on? The kitchen would require some professional work. The living room, however, was mostly aesthetics. When I started to break down what changes really needed to take place to make the living room livable, it came down to details – painting the walls a lighter color; adding furniture to divide the room into a living room and dining room; and adding some homey touches.

It seemed these cosmetic changes had scared off other buyers. I decided to get the place.

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