House Project: Part III – Ready for Entertaining

In this blog series Jessica, co-founder of Roomations, shares her personal story of transforming an awkward and outdated Cincinnati house into a place that reflects her style and adds real estate value. In Part I Jessica talked about her decision to purchase a house in need of improvement. In Part II, Jessica transformed her dark living room through the strategic use of a light paint color. In Part III, below, Jessica talks about getting the place ready to host 20 guests for a Kentuck Derby party and furnishing the room. 

One small glitch – I had no couch!

Because the carpeting was dark grey, I had previously thought I had to get a dark grey couch to match, and had put that into my Roomations style questionnaire. But my Roomations designer had yet again set me straight: “a tan couch goes with grey. If you match other items to the couch, everything will blend together. Grey on grey will be too dark and matchy-matchy.”
I settled on an IKEA sectional - so glad it isn't gray!

I had been thrilled when I first learned that a non-grey couch not only would work, but would actually work better to brighten the room up and provide contrast. I went to Ikea to check out the recommended couch – an $1100 sand-tan sectional. It was perfect for the space, and simple and functional to my liking. I envisioned my friends with (white) wine and cheese and crackers reclining, sharing stories and laughing. The couch size framed the fire place. I loved the tone and the material. Comfy. And within my price range, unlike some other sectionals. Done.
Next came the TV stand (and, quite frankly, the TV). The TV I ended up getting as a present, and since I was temporarily cash-strapped, the TV stand came from Target. It was not perfect for the room, but it was good for the time being.

The couch was key to making my place ready for entertaining!

A long time later came the finishings – the large bookcase against the back wall that tied the whole room together; the grey braided metal lamps; and the light blue throw pillows and wingback chair, all with brown accents. It took a friend to kick my butt in gear after coming over one day and scheduling three weekends for us to work on the room together – one to go to Ikea and buy, buy, buy; one to reorganize the closet space; and one to put up the bookcase and redo the living room layout.
I had concerns about all these things beforehand. “The accents on the pillows are brown – will a black bookcase go?” “We’re going to pull the couch away from the wall – will it look out of place?” “Will my mask from Ghana and my egg shell picture from Vietnam match the rest of the décor?” My one lesson from all of this – trust someone with a good eye. My hesitancy was all because I could not envision what my place would look like, and I didn’t want to make the wrong decision. A friend and a Roomations designer helped me to imagine what my room could be – how it could incorporate everything I wanted aesthetically (modern and cozy) and function-wise (a warm entertaining space) while incorporating important aspects of myself (places to display all my items from travel, my books and my art.)

The space no longer feels awkwardly large. Now it's warm and cozy, modern and just my style!

I ended up with a stunning space that is no longer awkward, no longer dark, and for which I no longer make excuses. The place is modern and warm, ties together well, and has a big “wow” factor when someone walks in. Thank you to my friends who helped, and to Roomations, for steering me down the right path.

Just look at the before and after. You tell me.

This post was written by Jessica.

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