Inexpensive Window Treatment Ideas

Don't you love having a home with tons of windows? What's not to love? Well, maybe the cost of getting treatments for all of those windows. There goes the excitement of having all that sunlight!

But wait, there are ways you can enjoy your windows and treat them while on a budget. Check out these cool options:

The easiest way is by adding some sort of "curtain." There are several different fabrics you can use, but we found a couple ideas that really stand out.

This unique curtain is made of bed sheets! Change out what the curtain is hanged by to make it look oh-so-pro. Get a full tutorial on how to do this at the Sew-Much-Ado blog.

Shower curtains can look great in the living room. A shower curtain may be on the shorter side for your window, but you can add a complementary fabric to it to lengthen. These beautiful curtains are made from Target shower curtains.

Roller Shades can be bought at places like Home Depot for as little as $20! Go to your local fabric store and get some beautiful fabric which you can just staple or use a hot glue gun to attach. You will instantly have shades that look luxurious! You can also paint or stencil your shades to get any look you want.

Paper?  Yes, there is a way to make paper look chic in a window. Pick a high quality paper (wrapping paper, parchment, butcher paper, etc.) and use blocked stencils to add a design to them. If you do it right, this could last way longer than just a temporary solution.

Panel curtains are a great inexpensive and stylish solution! These curtains from Ikea are affordable at only $15-$20 each. With all the different patterns available, mix and match them to get a unique look.

With all the options out there, you don't have to go spend thousands of dollars on custom window treatments. Leave us a comment and let us know what cool things you've done for your windows.

This post was written by Lakshmi

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  1. These do-it-yourself tips can certainly help me save some cash. We've been meaning to replace the curtains in our living room. Thanks!

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