House Project: Cleaning Out the Closet

After living in her Cincinnati home for over two years, Jessica had finally finished painting and furnishing her large living room and dining room. But behind the closet doors she still had some unfinished business to take care of  -- fortunately with the help of a very organized friend! Jessica recounts her experience below.

We all have it. A junk closet. For everything we don’t want to look at – bad presents, old notebooks, tennis rackets we use twice a year. I had a junk closet for a long time, until I decided to make it a beautifully organized closet. It has changed my life.

The process of doing the organizing was – long. 10 hours to be exact. EVERYTHIING came out of the closet. I thought it would be the typical 3 piles – keep, toss or Salvation Army. It turned out there were 19 piles. Everything went into a pile that would ultimately be put in a container. A title was given to each pile – Manuals. Business cards. Cards. Office supplies.

Next came the trip to the Container Store. See-through plastic bin for manuals. Small opaque box for business cards. Large bright box for cards from friends. Small drawer container for office supplies.
And then a small trip to Ikea to set up shelves and have everything off the floor. 

When all was said and done, it looked beautifully organized and the new closet allows me to easily find whatever I need in a matter of seconds. 

I now LOVE my closet. All the containers are sitting waiting for me when I open it up, and every item has its place. And, I love continuing the organization process every day. It is worth the daily investment ten times over for the lasting peace of mind.

organized closet

Do-It-Yourself Closet Organizing Tips:

  1. TAKE EVERYTHING OUT OF THE CLOSET. And then make piles. Don’t be afraid to make a LOT of piles. 20 is fine! You can get 20 bins!
  2. AFTER you have made all your piles, go to the Container Store and get the right storage for each piles! Make sure you have a “catch all” for things that don’t go with a specific group. 
  3.  Get shelving. This will help lift everything up off the floor and create a lot of space. You can get inexpensive closet shelving at Ikea. 
  4. Put all the piles in the bins and on the shelves – and – voila!
This post was written by Jessica. 

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