When Decorating the Inside...Don't Forget the Out!

Many new homeowners start spending their weekends looking for couches, end tables, and pillows, which ivy starts growing on the outside of their houses. Don't let this happen to you! While you work to beautify the inside of your home, keep the outside in mind as well...this will be the first impression people have of your new place.

Plaques can be a nice way to decorate the area near the entrance of your home. One address plaque we love is black with gold trim. This gives the aura that a house is well taken care of, and that the inside beauty awaits.  Other modern and bold options for address plaques are those that stand in your front yard, such as Holiday Plaques or Hanging Address Plaques. These give an either celebratory or exclusive impression, depending on the mood you want to create as guests enter.

Outdoor faucets, custom painted mailboxes, and address signs can also create the feel of a calming garden. These can be coupled with an outdoor bench and a canopy if you are going for a more country feel, or with lights to create a path to guide guests to your front door.   

One thing we love about house address plaques is the personalization it adds to a home. A plaque shows that a family is established in the home and are involved in the maintenance of their local community. This can be attractive to homeowners looking in your area and help to increase the value of your home!

This post was written by Jessica

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