To Build or to Buy

Building your own house has a lot of advantages over buying a pre-existing house, but at the same token, there are also a lot of disadvantages. Of course, the fact that you are able to customize every
aspect of the house to your exact specifications is a great perk of building a home. But that same idea can also become somewhat of a disadvantage.

The problem that I have been running into is really about not being able to see the big picture of all the elements coming together. It is easy to look at some paint samples, shudder colors, and tile pieces and say I like, this and this and this, but seeing it all come together to form one cohesive home is another thing entirely. It has been so hard for me to feel confident in the choices I am making with out being able to get a clear picture in my head as to how they fall together.
Visualize Your Home Tool from Yale Door

Because of this, any time I am offered visuals which can start to put the pieces together it is truly a blessing. While considering what kind/style/color door I should have installed in the front of my house I stumbled upon Yale Door. This was yet another time that I kind of wished I would have just bought a pre-existing house. The website had this great tool to actually visualize the doors on your home. First you choose from the vast array of colors, shapes, and window styles to create the door that you think would like to order. Then all you have to do is upload photograph of the front of your house and the visualizer places the door into the picture of your house. Nothing is left to the imagination, you actually get to see if the door you're were picturing in your head will work with the aesthetic of your home. Unfortunately for me, I have to make decisions like this before I ever have a house structure to be able to take a picture of. I don't mean to complain, I made the choice to build a house because I wanted to feel like it was 100% mine and have a hand in every step of the design, I guess I just didn't realize how hard it would be to put all the pieces of the puzzle together!

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