Style Board Deal on LivingSocial

This week Roomations is featured on LivingSocial! Here's the skinny on everything you need to know about the deal.

The Deal

The featured deal is 50% off a Design Style Board for a cost to you of $125. If three of your friends also purchase the deal your StyleBoard is FREE! As an added bonus, all StyleBoard buyers get three months of free design advice from Roomations.

Design Style Board Deal
The Roomation LivingSocial deal is featured in Cincinnati, but can be purchased from any city in the USA.

What You Get

So, what's a StyleBoard? Its basically an interior design concept board for a room in your house, created by a professional interior designer just for you. Each StyleBoard shows a set of materials, furniture, lighting, etc. that all work well to create great interior design. Your designer creates the concept board based on information you provide via an online style assessment and can incorporate your existing furniture or finishes into the concept if you'd like. Your Style Board will not only suggest a look and feel for your space, but you'll also receive information on any specific products shown in the Style Board, so you'll know where to purchase the things you like.You'll also receive three months of free design advice (via email) from Roomations.

Style Board with Products
While the StyleBoard communicates an overall design concept, specific product details are also included.

How the Design Process Works

1. Redeem Your LivingSocial Voucher

When you purchase the LivingSocial deal you'll receive a deal voucher with redemption instructions. Specifically, you will need to email with your LivingSocial voucher number. You can also request a gift certificate this way if you are looking to give someone the Style Board as a gift.

2. Complete the Online Style Assessment and Pick Your Designer

The next step is completing your online style assessment. Roomations will guide you through a series of questions, many of which include photos of rooms or materials, that will allow you to communicate your design preferences to your designer. You will have the opportunity to upload photos of your room, describe your project goals, provide room dimensions, set a budget, etc. during this process. During the last step of the process you will choose a designer after reviewing up to three designer profiles which include examples of past work.

Style Assessment
During the online style assessment you will be asked to upload photos of  your room and answer questions about your room's dimensions and your project budget.

3. Your Designer Creates Your Custom Style Board

Your designer will take a few days to develop your style board since it is custom made for your project. During this time, you may be contacted via email if your designer has any remaining questions about your preferences or the existing room.

Design Concept Board
This style board was created for a family looking to transform a spare room into a multi-use play room for the kids and  home office for the adults.

4. Use Your Style Board to Transform Your Home

Once you have received your style board, you can proceed to purchase items that you like from the style board or just use the design concept as inspiration or a guide to choosing similar items for your room. Although the style assessment process is designed to ensure that the StyleBoard meets your needs, you can also ask for revisions to the StyleBoard for a small additional fee. Alternatively, you can choose to continue the design process with your designer by upgrading to a RoomVision, which includes a photo-realistic rendering of what your room would look like with the design implemented. In any case, you receive three months of free design advice with your StyleBoard, which means you can ask questions during the time that you are transforming your space.

Design Style Board and Room Vision
Once you receive your StyleBoard, you can choose to upgrade to a RoomVision to receive a life-like picture of what your room could look like with the design implemented.

Still have questions? Post a comment below and we'll respond for all our readers. Or email for more information.

This post was written by Katie.

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  1. Neeharika11:03 AM

    I just bought the livingsocial deal and liked Roomations on facebook. Do I need to do anything else get a free style board for the second room? Please let me know. I am so excited !!!


    1. Roomations2:37 PM

      Hi Neeharika,
      When you are ready to get your style board for the second room, just send an email to
      Thanks for purchasing the deal!