3 Foolproof Rules of Room Design

When it comes to designing a room, whether it is a bedroom or your living room, there are 3 very important rules to keep in mind. These will help you create a room that works and is pleasing to live in. While there are many different ways to design a room, there are some things that simply do not change. A successful room will look perfect because the designer has followed these rules.

Foolproof Rule #1: Two Colors, One Accent

Choosing colors can be overwhelming and many people end up with a mishmash of colors that simply take over a room. By sticking to just two main colors and an accent, you will turn out a professional looking space every time. The two main colors should be complementary. For example, blue and green or orange and red. The accent color can be more drastically different. For example in a room that is grey and tan, you might have a yellow accent color or use a deep color to contrast (like brown or black.) You will also want to keep the wall colors toned down. While it is ideal to add color to walls, you can opt for a lighter version so it will not overwhelm the space.

Foolproof Rule #2: Use Texture for Interest

It can be very boring to have a room all in the same solid colors and textures. You can switch things up a bit by adding different prints (up to 3 per room) using your main colors, or selecting different fabrics. Silky drapes contrast nicely with a rougher woven upholstery, a thick rug offsets a smooth coffee table. While the colors may not change much, the textures do and this helps add variety to the room without making it feel jumbled.

Foolproof Rule #3: Add Furniture at Varying Heights

A room where all the furniture is more or less the same height can feel cramped and stifled. To really let the room breathe, mix up the furniture. Your sofa and chairs will be low, but a tall bookshelf can help stretch the room out. A low display table beside a medium height fireplace will add more depth. Keep in mind that you can elongate existing furniture with items above them. For example, a low fireplace can receive a height boost with a large mirror or photo hung above it, while a bookcase may be made even taller by adding a display of pottery on top. Designing a room can be challenging, but these rules will help you create a room that just fits together and makes anyone who enters feel comfortable.

This is a guest post by Hillary Hansen. Hillary is a featured writer for the group of e-boutiques Unique Online Furniture, which offer everything from funky light fixtures, to mirrors to hang above your bathroom vanity, to the bathroom vanities themselves! 

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