Happy Preppy Spaces

In my post on American Style I introduced the Happy Preppy look with images of inspiring home decor from Ralph Lauren. Today I'm sharing some more Happy Preppy inspiration courtesy of Annie Selke, the interior designer that gave the style its namesake in her amazing book, Fresh American Spaces.

Annie's Book: 

Want to get the Happy Preppy look? Annie Selke's book Fresh American Spaces is filled with straightforward design tips and great photography. In addition to the Happy Preppy style, Annie covers four other styles, called Everyday Exuberance, Refined Romantic, Nuanced Neutral and Cultured Eclectic. You probably will find yourself with an affinity to more than one style, and that's okay. Fresh American Spaces is an interior design handbook that allows  you to mix and match design strategies to reflect your own personal style in your home.

This post was written by Katie.

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  1. Preppy spaces indeed. I especially would adore the rope along the staircase