Budget Bath Remodel

Bath remodels don't have to be expensive to create an impact.  With the right materials and a little time, you can create a totally new look while budgeting for the project. Let's take a look at a recent bath remodel that combines some of the least expensive methods to get that new look you have been dreaming about.

Stock Vanity

There are some great stock designer vanities out there today.  From online retailers to your local home improvement stores, the possibilities are endless.  But what are stock designer vanities?  Basically, a manufacturer has cabinet designers put together individual pieces to create a custom vanity look.  These vanities are then mass produced to create great looking products without the custom price tag. 

stock vanity

In the picture above, a designer stock vanity with glass top was combined with an eight inch wide shelf unit for towels.  The material for the shelf unit cost $40 and took about two hours to put together.  We changed out the knobs on the vanity from a cheaper round knob to a more contemporary look with brushed chrome finish.  The total cost of the vanity and shelf unit was about $250.

vanity with shelf

Mirror Frame

Mirrors can be expensive...especially the large one's that require special care in transport.  Even if you can handle the transport and installation yourself, removing an old mirror that is glued to the wall can create a major mess.  In this bath remodel, we wanted to keep the existing mirror to keep it out of the landfill and save time and money.  However, we needed to cover the edges of this existing mirror because the backing was flaking off.  To do this we applied a new frame kit that took only forty-five minutes to install.

decorative mirror frame

Shower Faucet Trim

It can be expensive to hire a plumber to do even the simplest of tasks.  So don't do it unless you absolutely must.  In order to replace our existing shower faucet and tub spout, we just replaced the trim kit ourselves.  A trim kit is the outside portion of a shower faucet that you see.  You purchase the trim kit that matches the manufacturer and valve type already in the wall.  This way, there is no complicated plumbing to do.  You need a few common tools and products and in less than an hour the typical DIY'er can have a new look to their shower.

shower faucet

shower head

Here's a look at the old vanity and mirror before the remodel.  With a little bit of work you too can update the look of your bathroom without spending a fortune.

bathroom before remodel

This is a guest post by Michael Luckado. Michael created ArmchairBuilder.com to help people save money building and remodeling their home.  Stop by Armchair Builder to get help to build your own home.


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