Minor Improvements, Major Difference!

I love the vanity area in my bathroom. There is a ton of space for my makeup and jewelry, and I can lay everything out when getting ready in the morning. But everyone would wrinkle their nose when they’d peek their heads in because the room was a dark, dark blue, and the theatre light bulbs screamed art deco. Structurally, everything was great.

bathroom before and after
I finally took the initiative to paint the room and change out the lighting fixture. It is amazing what a huge change such a small improvement can make. The new fixture and bulbs brought the room forward to today, and the light crème paint opened everything up. 
Another change has been new bedding in the guest room. Again, a minor change that has made a huge difference. The bedding pops against the wall color, and the contrasting pillows pull everything together. The whole room now looks cozy and inviting.

new bedding in guest room
The key takeaway is: make these changes sooner than later! I know, these items are often not critical – when you are running home from work, or taking the kids from one place to the next, or dealing with any of the various fire drills that arise every day (at least they do in my life.) But take your next weekend and do it. Make a day of it. Take a picture of your room and go to a department store, and ask someone if they can recommend something that would open the room up. Chances are they’ll have some good suggestions, and once you get home and put the room together, you will love having the extra room to relax in. Ask for a paint color that will make your room look larger and warmer. And if you don’t like to paint, hire someone to do it. Do anything to remove the barriers that have kept you from pulling everything together. All it takes is a few quick decisions. You will make these changes to your home eventually, and when you do, you’ll wish you had done it a while back to have enjoyed the space a long time ago.
This post was written by Jessica.

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