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I love the feeling of stepping into a luxury hotel suite and thinking ‘ahhh yeah, I could stay here awhile.’ Are you with me? If so, let’s talk a little more about bringing a bit of that wow factor to our own bedrooms.

Se Hotel

First and foremost DE-CLUTTER! We acquire sooo much ‘stuff.’ While I feel good about doing my part to stimulate the economy I am the first one to admit that it can get more than a little ridiculous. Have you worn that shirt lately? Does that chotchke serve a purpose? It feels liberating to shed and it looks even better. After you get rid of the un-necessaries then organize. The Container Store is our friend people. Phew… I feel better already.

Marcel at Gramercy

Now let’s talk focal point. Your bed, folks, it’s your bed. Comfort is key. If you are ready to splurge on sheets look no further than Peacock Alley. If not, I have a back up set of cotton jersey from Target that I am ecstatic to curl up in any day. For that luxury suite look it’s a crisp white duvet all the way. One that makes you feel like you are among the clouds. Anchor that with a padded and upholstered headboard and you’ve just upped the ante. Oh, did I mention I know a girl!? Heady Bed

The London NYC

The Empire Hotel

De-clutter, comfort, focal point. Check, check, check.

The finishing touches will really make it your own. Find pieces that speak to you. Have you collected any art from your travels? Have you inherited a vintage piece of furniture or mirror that you could refinish? If not, maybe you can find inspiration from some of my favorite pieces.

Zebra Cowhide Rug. Available at

Sun Ray Mirror. Available at Neiman Marcus

Arteriors Ennis Antique Brass Web Sphere Table Lamp. Available at lampsplus

Poppy Pillow. Available at Neiman Marcus.

Now sit back, relax, slip on that comfy hotel-esque robe (like Restoration Hardware’s Signature Spa Robe) and demand your significant other hurry up with that room service order!

This is a guest post written by Katy Wilson, founder of

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