Living Room Before & After

Roomations customer Marlene Henry shares her experience in her own words, including before and after photos!

Our living room had been in dire need of a makeover for over a year now, since we moved into the house. So after many days of staring at the before & after pictures in the Roomations website I told my husband that we needed their help. He wasn't sure about hiring a designer online but one can only do so much with paint and DIY magazines! 
Living room "Before" photo. Makeover needed!

I picked the "Amaze Me" option (it was all or nothing!) and sent the pictures of the room and my long "wishlist" for the designer.

The two design "Amaze Me" option included StyleBoards like this created by two different designers.

A couple of days later we were amazed indeed. 

Rendering of the design, incorporating feedback on the StyleBoard. Created by designer "DesignLoveAJ".

Our custom design felt open and inviting. And our shopping list was so simple to execute that in less than 24 hours I had moved the furniture around, painted the accent wall, removed blinds and added the curtains.

The "After" photo. YEAH!

Our living room went from "meh" to "YEAH!" in a matter of hours. My husband liked the makeover so much that it motivated him to mount the TV to the wall and he even agreed to buy a new loveseat to achieve the look. Now we have our own before & after pictures and we couldn't be happier!

This is a guest post by Marlene Henry, a homeowner who completed her living room makeover with the help of

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  1. Anonymous11:29 AM

    What an amazing transformation! The style board is awesome and must have reflected exactly what you wanted Marlene! Your room is even more beautiful than the rendering (did you get the cool table shown n the rendering)?

  2. Beautiful designs!!! The above pics are really looks stunning with awesome piece of designs and styles.Thanks for sharing this interior designs.Living room furniture in india