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One of our Founders, Lakshmi, is expecting baby #1 in January! She’s now in the process of putting ideas together for her baby’s nursery room. See how she starts the process with this first of a few posts all about a baby's nursery! 
We’re so excited to welcome a baby boy in just a couple short months!  Now that I’m feeling a ton of kicking and moving, I’m officially in “nesting” mode. So it’s time to put together all of my ideas for this lucky kid’s nursery!

One thing about my husband is that sports are his life. Quite literally. He works in sports, watches all sports and even knows the latest on high school football teams! It’s beyond the typical sports obsession. His biggest sports love is Tennis. So as soon as we found out we’re having a boy, everyone assumed we will have tennis-themed everything. I’d like to incorporate some aspects of sports and particularly tennis, but I don’t want it to get cheesy. It still needs to be a chic room. After all, we all know that I will be spending a lot more time in there than my husband will!

Here are some inspiration ideas I’ve put together so far. I will write another post in a few weeks with a StyleBoard and then pictures of how our room is coming together. In the meantime, I would love your suggestions!

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to save design inspirations. Check out the Roomations nursery room board where we've found a ton of chic designs.

Vintage tennis rackets with custom-cut mirrors glued onto them.

Here's a tennis-themed bedroom. Done well without getting cheesy. I think I could do something like this but soften up the dark walls to be more for a baby. Plus my husband has plenty of trophies that I don't know what to do with!

Here's some great 3D sport art. I love how it's not the typical cheesy sports stuff you see printed on posters. These are hand-painted wood pieces - they have coordinating ones for soccer, football, and baseball. Available at

 Another adorable vintage piece. This wall hanging is customizable! Available at

For baby bedding, I definitely want to go non-sports related. Keeping it neutral will help keep the room balanced. I love this bedding from Poshtots. I think the tennis ball yellow color would pop really well with it.

This one's a bit pricey though for $354. There's a ton of sellers on Etsy that will hand-make bedding for you at a fraction of the cost. That's probably the route I will go.

So now that I've found several pieces, we're going to put together a Roomations StyleBoard that will help drive the color and theme direction for the room. For example, should I go vintage or modern? What should I do with the signed jerseys my husband wants to put all over? I will share this board with you in my next post. I look forward to hearing from you on any other ideas you recommend!

This post was written by Lakshmi.

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