Sports Nursery: Part 2

One of our Founders, Lakshmi, is expecting baby #1 in January! She’s now in the process of putting ideas together for her baby’s nursery room. See how she goes through the process with this second of a few posts all about a baby's nursery!
Our sports nursery room is now in the process of being done! It's very exciting. See how it all got started in my last blog post. I'm 8 months pregnant now, so we have to move fast on this!
Based on all the ideas my husband and I had, and after I vetoed most of his ideas, we decided to get a Roomations StyleBoard to help us put both of our ideas together to create something sporty, bright, and chic.
See our final StyleBoard below! We love it!
Style Board for Sports nursery
Our favorite part is that it incorporates tennis and other sports items without being over the top. It's also a very fun and inviting baby's room. It's a modern take on a sports theme using clean lines and bright colors. The best is that it takes into consideration things that are important for a growing baby - a soft rug, bright patterns to distract during diaper changings, and front-facing book shelves.
So far we've painted the room and have gotten all the big furniture pieces. Now it's just a matter of putting all the accessories in to finish the room.
Stay tuned ... we're going to have to get this done soon and we'll post pictures of the final room and a list of all our products!
This post was written by Lakshmi.

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