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From now until Christmas, Roomations is hosting our own variation of an ugly sweater contest - an "Ugly Room" contest! Now, we all know that no one thinks their baby is ugly, but did you know this can also be true for homes? You may have an ugly room and not even realize it (GASP!). Of course, when you bought your house you knew you'd remove the paisley wallpaper in the guest bathroom - ugly was easy to spot. But once you've settled into your place it might be hard to see design disasters in your home (that you've created) simply because you're too close to see it. Well, today Roomations is calling in the style police! There are a few super common ways to know if you have a space in your home that is reeling for some fresh attention. Read about the four most common ugly rooms below and see if any sound like a space in your home.

If you moved into your house in the last month it makes sense that you don't have much in your living room. But the longer you've lived in a house the uglier that empty room gets. You do live there, right?

If you think the only difference between a closet and a storage room is size, think again. A closet is meant to store and organize items you use from time to time. But chances are your storage room is not organized with wall to ceiling shelving and carefully labeled bins. A room being used for storage, more often or not, is a place to put all your junk so you don't really have to think about where it really should go. (For some guidance on getting rid of stuff you rarely use, see Jessica's Basement Clean-Out post). By using a room as a hiding place for stuff, you miraculously manage to turn your 3-bedroom house into a 2-bedroom house. Its your house, so you and your family should be able to enjoy all the rooms, right?

A close relative of the storage room is the multi-multi-purpose room. This is your office/music/craft/guest/work-out/library/toy room. When you have that many specialty uses for one room it basically ends up looking like a storage room, even if you use the stuff regularly. Try to pick just a couple compatible uses for the room rather than maxing it out with everything but the kitchen sink.

A room with no personality is a room with no accessories. It is fully furnished, relatively clean, and absolutely mind-numbingly boring. But does that make it ugly, you might ask? Think of it this way: it isn't attractive enough to be getting a lot of dates. Even if you consider yourself a minimalist, you can't have a comfortable, inviting space without a handful photos, artwork, pillows, plants, travel souvenirs or whatever suits your fancy. A finished basement, for example, will never feel warm and inviting with out these uniquely personal finishing touches.

This type of ugly room can be the hardest to spot yourself, because it was created by you sometime in the past, and at that time the room probably wasn't ugly (unless you have really bad taste, then and now, in which case you need to get help from friends). The truth is, you were at a different point in your life ten years ago, just like the rest of us. Maybe you were just out of college and you bought your furniture on a really tight budget. Maybe you were the most stylish person in your circle of friends, but those 1990's colors turned out to be a passing fad. (For more on home decor fads of the 1980's and 1990's, check out this post by Linda  Merrill on Networx). Rooms need refreshing over time, even if you picked the original finishes and furnishings yourself.

The Roomations Ugly Room Contest
Now until Dec. 25th, post your room photo on the Roomations Facebook page for a chance to win a custom Style Board from Roomations. The first 10 posts to reach 50 likes are guaranteed a free Style Board. In the event that no entries receive 50 likes, the post with the most likes wins!

All photos and design images in this post are actual projects completed by homeowners via Roomations.

This post was written by Katie.  

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