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I love the feeling of stepping into a luxury hotel suite and thinking ‘ahhh yeah, I could stay here awhile.’ Are you with me? If so, let’s talk a little more about bringing a bit of that wow factor to our own bedrooms.

Se Hotel

First and foremost DE-CLUTTER! We acquire sooo much ‘stuff.’ While I feel good about doing my part to stimulate the economy I am the first one to admit that it can get more than a little ridiculous. Have you worn that shirt lately? Does that chotchke serve a purpose? It feels liberating to shed and it looks even better. After you get rid of the un-necessaries then organize. The Container Store is our friend people. Phew… I feel better already.

Marcel at Gramercy

Now let’s talk focal point. Your bed, folks, it’s your bed. Comfort is key. If you are ready to splurge on sheets look no further than Peacock Alley. If not, I have a back up set of cotton jersey from Target that I am ecstatic to curl up in any day. For that luxury suite look it’s a crisp white duvet all the way. One that makes you feel like you are among the clouds. Anchor that with a padded and upholstered headboard and you’ve just upped the ante. Oh, did I mention I know a girl!? Heady Bed

The London NYC

The Empire Hotel

De-clutter, comfort, focal point. Check, check, check.

The finishing touches will really make it your own. Find pieces that speak to you. Have you collected any art from your travels? Have you inherited a vintage piece of furniture or mirror that you could refinish? If not, maybe you can find inspiration from some of my favorite pieces.

Zebra Cowhide Rug. Available at

Sun Ray Mirror. Available at Neiman Marcus

Arteriors Ennis Antique Brass Web Sphere Table Lamp. Available at lampsplus

Poppy Pillow. Available at Neiman Marcus.

Now sit back, relax, slip on that comfy hotel-esque robe (like Restoration Hardware’s Signature Spa Robe) and demand your significant other hurry up with that room service order!

This is a guest post written by Katy Wilson, founder of

Basement Clean-Out

I will now address not how to add things to your home, but how to remove (as many items as possible) from your home. I had the luxury of a large basement when I first moved into my condo, which made it easy to put everything non-essential in the basement to “go through later.” After a few years, I realized I had barely gone downstairs to the basement, let alone gone through the boxes of stuff inhabiting it. It was time to be merciless and get rid of it all!

This blog post is for everyone’s benefit, because I know I am not the only one with mystery boxes in the basement. Feel free to knowingly chuckle in recognition that these items are still…somewhere…in your house as well.

The clean-out: remove as much as possible from the house!


It seems every time I attended a volunteer event, a school play or a celebration at work, it came with a T-shirt. I’m not sure why all these groups have not caught on that these T-shirts inevitably end up in the basement. I had sentimental value attached to some of these shirts: because I was in the school play, or I planned that big event at work. But you know what, I have the memories and the pictures. THROW OUT!


I agree, some of these have sentimental value attached to them. But if it is a trinket that used to sit on your dresser and is now in a is time to get rid. SALVATION ARMY!


I had a bunch of fold-out arm chairs with beer holders that are great for BBQs or outdoor events. But I’d be OK to sit on a blanket on the floor, and haven’t needed to bring my own chair to a BBQ…ever. GIVE TO A WANTING FRIEND.

Donate the nice clothes you only wore once to Career Gear or DonateMyDress


If your office is business casual, or you don’t have an afternoon wedding in the foreseeable future, give it to a group that can use it. CAREER GEAR or DONATEMYDRESS


I had rollerblades that I used to use a lot, but pretty much had traded blading in for biking a long time ago. Let’s get real – I will never use my roller blades again. PLAY IT AGAIN SPORTS.


While this is a nice thing to have, it was in my basement. That says it all. CRAIGSLIST.

Declutter your place and reclaim your space! You will be very glad you did and can finally get to redoing that room!

This post was written by Jessica.

Living Room Before & After

Roomations customer Marlene Henry shares her experience in her own words, including before and after photos!

Our living room had been in dire need of a makeover for over a year now, since we moved into the house. So after many days of staring at the before & after pictures in the Roomations website I told my husband that we needed their help. He wasn't sure about hiring a designer online but one can only do so much with paint and DIY magazines! 
Living room "Before" photo. Makeover needed!

I picked the "Amaze Me" option (it was all or nothing!) and sent the pictures of the room and my long "wishlist" for the designer.

The two design "Amaze Me" option included StyleBoards like this created by two different designers.

A couple of days later we were amazed indeed. 

Rendering of the design, incorporating feedback on the StyleBoard. Created by designer "DesignLoveAJ".

Our custom design felt open and inviting. And our shopping list was so simple to execute that in less than 24 hours I had moved the furniture around, painted the accent wall, removed blinds and added the curtains.

The "After" photo. YEAH!

Our living room went from "meh" to "YEAH!" in a matter of hours. My husband liked the makeover so much that it motivated him to mount the TV to the wall and he even agreed to buy a new loveseat to achieve the look. Now we have our own before & after pictures and we couldn't be happier!

This is a guest post by Marlene Henry, a homeowner who completed her living room makeover with the help of

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DIFFA Dining by Design - Chicago

Following-up on our previous post, we wanted to show you some amazing designs from the Chicago DIFFA Dining by Design event we attended. Thanksgiving is coming up soon and maybe these designs can be your inspiration for a unique dining setup!







Sports Nursery

One of our Founders, Lakshmi, is expecting baby #1 in January! She’s now in the process of putting ideas together for her baby’s nursery room. See how she starts the process with this first of a few posts all about a baby's nursery! 
We’re so excited to welcome a baby boy in just a couple short months!  Now that I’m feeling a ton of kicking and moving, I’m officially in “nesting” mode. So it’s time to put together all of my ideas for this lucky kid’s nursery!

One thing about my husband is that sports are his life. Quite literally. He works in sports, watches all sports and even knows the latest on high school football teams! It’s beyond the typical sports obsession. His biggest sports love is Tennis. So as soon as we found out we’re having a boy, everyone assumed we will have tennis-themed everything. I’d like to incorporate some aspects of sports and particularly tennis, but I don’t want it to get cheesy. It still needs to be a chic room. After all, we all know that I will be spending a lot more time in there than my husband will!

Here are some inspiration ideas I’ve put together so far. I will write another post in a few weeks with a StyleBoard and then pictures of how our room is coming together. In the meantime, I would love your suggestions!

Pinterest is one of my favorite places to save design inspirations. Check out the Roomations nursery room board where we've found a ton of chic designs.

Vintage tennis rackets with custom-cut mirrors glued onto them.

Here's a tennis-themed bedroom. Done well without getting cheesy. I think I could do something like this but soften up the dark walls to be more for a baby. Plus my husband has plenty of trophies that I don't know what to do with!

Here's some great 3D sport art. I love how it's not the typical cheesy sports stuff you see printed on posters. These are hand-painted wood pieces - they have coordinating ones for soccer, football, and baseball. Available at

 Another adorable vintage piece. This wall hanging is customizable! Available at

For baby bedding, I definitely want to go non-sports related. Keeping it neutral will help keep the room balanced. I love this bedding from Poshtots. I think the tennis ball yellow color would pop really well with it.

This one's a bit pricey though for $354. There's a ton of sellers on Etsy that will hand-make bedding for you at a fraction of the cost. That's probably the route I will go.

So now that I've found several pieces, we're going to put together a Roomations StyleBoard that will help drive the color and theme direction for the room. For example, should I go vintage or modern? What should I do with the signed jerseys my husband wants to put all over? I will share this board with you in my next post. I look forward to hearing from you on any other ideas you recommend!

This post was written by Lakshmi.