Best Website for Buying Paint Online

It seems like you can buy just about anything related to home improvement and home decor online these days ... except paint! Actually, there are a few really great online resources for paint, including websites for buying paint online. Since it can be time consuming to weed through all your options, we did the searching for you. And at the end of the day, we found YOLO Colorhouse to be the best all around website for both researching and buying paint online.

YOLO Paint Website
Unlike many paint websites, YOLO's site is easy to use and lets you buy full gallons of paint online.

The simplicity of the easy-to-use YOLO Colorhouse website is no doubt a by-product of its newcomer status, having been founded in 2005 as an environmentally friendly paint company. We found websites for more established brands like Sherwin-Williams and Behr to be bogged down by too much content paired with too little functionality. (Runner-up Benjamin Moore was also bogged down by an overload of content, but the site redeemed itself with a high level of functionality, including the ability to order full gallons of paint from the site for home delivery or pick-up at a local retailer). The YOLO Colorhouse Sprout line of paint can be ordered directly from the YOLO site, while the other lines of YOLO paint are available for home delivery via YOLO links seamlessly to the Home Depot site, unlike other paint brands also sold at the big box retailer. 

Select A Color Online Paint Visualization
YOLO Colorhouse's Select A Color Tool

YOLO Colorhouse’s Select A Color room visualization tool is less complex than those on other sites and as a result takes a fraction of the time to use. We felt this was an advantage given that online color visualization has limited value anyway. For real-life visualization, YOLO Colorhouse offers a pre-painted Big Chip measuring 12” x 16” which you can tape to your wall at home. 

YOLO Colorhouse's Big Chip

YOLO Colorhouse is also the only paint site we found that will provide color palette recommendations via email based on photos you upload to the site.

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Best Paint Website Runner-Up: Benjamin Moore (

This post was written by Katie.

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