Soak Up the Sun!

The snow is melting, the birds are singing- spring is on the way!  It is time to open the windows and take advantage of the sun’s natural supplements.  It has been proven that the sun increases human happiness and is a source of vitamin D, so why not utilize this free resource?


The benefits of the sun have been linked to an increase in physical growth for children, as well as higher test scores and better concentration from an educational standpoint.  It is a good idea to continue helping these positive attributes from home.  If you have a home office or work from home the effects of natural light may be beneficial to you, as well.  The sun reduces eyestrain and increases productivity.  When you are sick and your body is trying to heal, sunlight may lead to a faster recovery and a happier patient!

sunlight through window

What does all of this mean?  If you can spend some time outside it would certainly be a plus.  However, you do not have to go outdoors to experience the sun’s benefits.  Utilize the windows in your home to stream natural light.  This also offers heat, which is good in the winter but often increases the need for air conditioning during the summer months.  A great solution to this issue is window coverings.  Blackout curtains are an option, which not only block out light but heat, as well.  Curtains or blinds also protect the privacy of you and your family.

curtains block glare from the sun

Some other effects of the sun to keep in mind are glare and reflection.  Sunlight streaming through your windows can create glare on television and computer screens.  Try to organize your space by facing screens at an angle away from the window to minimize glare.  The sun’s rays will also reflect off of lighter surfaces, such as white ceilings.  This can increase the amount of natural light coming into your home and decrease the need for artificial light during the day, thus decreasing your energy bill by up to 75%!  Plus, sunlight is the purest, whitest light available and it is completely free!

white ceiling reflects natural light

Keep in mind, the sun gives off ultraviolet rays, which can mute paint and fabric colors over extended periods of time.  Window coverings are a helpful solution to this issue, as well, allowing you to control the incoming light.  That being said, knowing where your sunlight is coming from can affect the color choices you make for that room.  In general, Northern light is cold, so warmer color choices counteract an “icy” feel.  Southern light is warm; dark colors, blues, and greens are recommended for a “summery” feel.  Eastern light is warm in the morning and muted midday, so use a mix of warm and cool colors in the space.  Western light is abundant in the afternoon and evening, so use neutrals –not warms, as they may overpower the space.

Goodbye, Winter; hello, Spring!  Use this as a general guide to maximize the positive effects that sunlight can bring to your home and family.  Remember, window coverings are as important to your home as sunglasses are to your eyes and sunscreen is to your body!  Now you are ready to soak up the sun!

This post was written by Leanne.

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