Apt2B Furniture Shop

Done with Ikea, but not ready to walk into Crate and Barrel quite yet? We've found a furniture shop to take away the big question mark hanging over your head.

Apt2B has stylish and affordable furniture with an urban edge for all the rooms in your home - along with all the stylish accessories to complete your space. Browse throughout the day on their website - and don't miss the "Trash Chute" of amazing deals. Best of all, they now have national shipping, but definitely have not lost their LA-flair.

Here are some of our favorite pics:

Dupree Computer Desk with File Cabinet

I don't know about you, but every time I am on my laptop at home, I seem to need to reference something I wrote down somewhere. Now I can keep it all in this filing cabinet, without taking up extra space, and still looking uber cool.

Cheviot Hills Chaise Lounge Black Leather

'Nuff Said.

Silverlake Urban Sofa Bed

At just $398, isn't she sleek?

Casa Tissue Box (we like to call it, Monopoly Tissue Box)

I like when even a tissue box holder can be a conversation piece.

TRASH CHUTE: Wobble Bottle Opener by Umbra Green (just $5!?!)

This will clearly be the life of the party.

Bottom line - check out Apt2B today, and move up from Apt2A. They get our seal of approval.

This post was written by Jessica.

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