The Barn at Coworth Park

Visiting my mom in California, I was flipping through her latest issue of Travel + Leisure magazine (I love perusing other people’s magazine subscriptions – what are they reading?!) when I came across an article on English country-house hotels that captured my interior designer’s eye. Actually, it wasn’t the article that captured my attention so much as a single photograph of the Barn Bar at Coworth Park. What was striking about the photograph was the room’s high trussed ceiling, natural light, a brick wall made up of a seemingly infinite number of earthy hues, long and worn wood floor boards paired with similarly textured benches and tables, and the warm accents of copper, plaid fabric and wild plants.

coworth park barn

If you’ve taken the Roomations Style Quiz, you may recognize the Barn at Coworth Park as an example of the Everyday Natural style. (If you haven’t taken the quiz, take it now to find your own personal style.) To achieve a similar look in your own kitchen or dining room, take these cues from the Barn at Coworth Park.

Natural Materials, Raw Finish

The unfinished wood in the floor and tables paired with the rugged texture of the brick wall and fireplace give the Barn a rich character because of the natural grains and hues of these materials. Just imagine how different the space would be if all the wood were stained and polished!  The Everday Natural style embraces nature’s innate beauty with little embellishment. Wildflower plants and natural light are also an essential part of the room design.

raw wood plank table

Linear Patterns & Textures

The linear pattern of the wood planks is echoed in other patterns throughout the space, including the brick coursing and the plaid textile patterns. Even the ceiling trusses have a linear regularity to them. This makes all of the different materials in the room feel that they belong together, as they are all speaking the same design language.

Utilitarian Decor

One of the most riveting features of this room is the chandelier made of copper cooking pots. Here, the beauty of everyday objects is highlighted simply by treating the objects as a work of art. The arrangement also serves to cement the purpose of the space: this is a place for cooking and eating.

Another everyday object used in the space is recycled bottles, used as vases for flowers that form a simple centerpiece on each table. Again, the use of bottles is consistent with the room’s function as a place for food and drink.

simple accessories

Simple Accessories

In addition to using everyday objects as part of your décor, consider how the littlest things are made and presented. Simple construction can be both functional and elegant. The Barn restaurant serves a Fish and Chips meal directly on a cutting board. At each guest room, the door hangers are simple wood circles hung by a single piece of string.

Footnote: As it turns out, the Travel + Leisure photograph that captured my attention and inspired this post is not available online. While I’ve included a similar image in this post, I still find the T + L photo to be the most breathtaking. If you have a chance to take a peek at the print version of the August 2013 Travel + Leisure issue, turn to page 148. 

This post was written by Katie.

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  1. I love this! The design elements you mention are fantastic for people like me who don't speak design language. I will file these away for our interior design brainstorms. Heading over to take the style quiz now!