The Purse Dilemma

You have a lot of them, and you want to get another...but they somehow always fall from the top of your closet and drag other things down with them. Here are some of the most innovative purse-storage ideas we have seen to motivate you to match your handbag to your outfit every day of the week:

1. Wine Rack Holder

This is a crafty way to keep all your mini clutches at bay, and a great reminder that yes, you do deserve a glass of wine every night.

wine rack used as purse organizer

2. Purse Organizer Cubby

I have one of these at the top of my closet and love it. Each bag has its own home, and I can see them all to choose which one matches my outfit. Two thumbs up.

purse organizer cubby

3. Bookcase

I find this to be very cute. If books can have their own house, why not purses? Show them you love them by giving them their own place to live! Bonus: You can store items on the top similar to a dresser.

bookcase purse storage

4. Hooks

OK, let's get real...this one isn't really about hooks, it's about everyone's aspiration to have a closet full of Louis Vuitton's. It's OK to salivate. Maybe my closet will look like this, one day...

Louis Vuitton purses on closet hooks

This post was written by Jessica.

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  1. I'm going to share these ideas with my daughter. She is all about "the purses" and her collection. Most of the time they end up on the floor or crammed in nooks and crannies in the closet. Great ideas!