Before & After: The Mod Decorist

In an exclusive Roomations interview, The Mod Decorist talks about interior design techniques she used to transform a cold and cavernous living room into a warm and inviting place for family activities.

What were your clients looking for when they hired you?

My clients are a young family with an adorable bloodhound in huge house that was not yet their home.  Part of the challenge was to help my clients discover their style.  The other part of the challenge was to create a warm, comfortable gathering place out of the existing cavernous family room.  I used some design tricks to help warm the space up... I changed the color of the walls to a warm beige and added lots of accent lighting and a large chandelier to fill the space more proportionately.  Now the room glows!

The room definitely feels more inviting. What other design strategies can you point out?

I also added sheer linen drapes on the windows that framed the windows and made the space feel warmer.  Since the TV was there to stay, we tried to create the art wall around it so that it was not the focal point any more.  In talking with the family we found out that they still had traditional roots but wanted an updated version with punches of color.  I gave them a neutral foundation with some colorful accents in orange, lime green and navy... boldly patterned pillows and accessories gave the room a fun punch of color.  All of the furniture is family friendly and durable enough for the kids, while being soft enough for the grown-ups.

Can you talk a bit about the furniture layout?

I arranged the space so that there was a maximum amount of seating so that when they entertained, everyone had a seat!  The furniture is close enough for people to converse and yet still leaves enough breathing room for circulation.  The area rug helps ground the furniture and is so soft that it becomes another place for kids to sit! The family loves how sophisticated the space looks and yet how comfy it feels.

About the Mod Decorist: The Mod Decorist has been designing interiors for the past 15 years. While she is based in the Chicago area (where she goes by her given name, Maria) she works with clients throughout the U.S. and Canada as a Roomations designer. Maria says, "I believe great design should not cost an arm and a leg so finding low budget ways to get big bucks style is what I do best. And bringing out my client’s style while creating a space that reflects who they are is paramount."  

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