ModCloth Launches Home Decor Line

If you’re familiar with ModCloth, you know they are the go-to site for charmingly retro fashion, accessories and gifts. Things like this:

Now, for the past several months I’ve been secretly wishing that ModCloth would launch a home furnishing and décor product line as unique and enchanting as its clothing. After all, I blog about interior design! I didn’t tell anyone about my wish, just beamed my thoughts to the higher powers and let it be. Then, on an August afternoon two weeks before my birthday, I received an email announcing that ModCloth has launched a home décor line and would you please share this news with Roomations readers?  What can I say, either I’m psychic or ModCloth heard my prayers!  Today when you visit ModCloth here’s the new kind of stuff you’ll find ...

Colorful Fabrics & Rugs

These images speak for themselves!

Delightful Bookends

Folks are always asking Roomations for advice on how to accessorize their bookshelves or mantel. These bookends are a great complement to the stacked books, photo frames, candle sticks, vases, etc. that you use to accessorize your shelves. Plus, now you can get a hippopotamus for Christmas.

Inexpensive furniture and accessories that aren't IKEA

For some reason modern furniture is often expensive (I love the products but sometimes not the prices at YLiving, 2Modern and Botanist). ModCloth doesn’t have a huge furniture line, but they’re a new source for accent pieces like this fun side table.

Pillowcases and their Better Half

Now that I’ve seen this I can’t figure out why I haven’t seen it more!  All full, queen and king size beds have two pillows, side by side. Why not play off of that pairing to create something interesting? My favorite is the "Fetch Some Shuteye" pillow.

Each product at ModCloth has such personality that you really need to check out the site for yourself and find what's uniquely you. Then come back and share your favorite find in the comments section of this post!

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