Spice Up that Drab Dorm Room

Everyone knows that college dorm rooms are the epitome of drab and dull. With their cinder block walls, tile floors and prefab furniture a dorm room isn’t exactly a home away from home. But even if the room is drab and boring, you can spice it up using a few simple decorating tips and minimal expenditure. It just takes a little creativity and some simple organizational techniques.

dorm room decor

Get rid of those ugly cinder block walls.

One of the easiest ways to spice up a room is to add art. Not just any art; but your own art. Take one of your favorite photos (family, travel, vacations, or friends) and blow it up. Cover the walls with this type of art and put your own personal touch on your dorm room. If you’re not into photos, try removable wall paper or wall decals and you’re off to a great start.

colorful storage boxes on shelves

Maximize your storage but do it with color.

Dorms are infamous for being small and compact. Under bed storage, wall storage and storage bins give help you organize your stuff and put it all away. But why use bland and boring storage? It’s easy to find decorator style bins, snazzy over the door shoe racks and bright colored storage drawers. Storage is key in a small space, but why not kill two birds with one stone and brighten up your space?

dorm desk lamp

Focus on the lighting.

Lighting can add spark to your space and it’s relatively simple to do. String up some Christmas lights or hang a few paper lanterns to create some ambiance. Don’t forget to get yourself a good desk lamp though. Try finding one with geometric shapes, color and form to make a statement.

area rug on dorm floor

Take care of the floors.

Nobody likes getting up in the morning and putting their feet down on cold linoleum floors. This is one problem that’s easily fixed—get an area rug. Choose one with color and/or design that compliments the colors on the walls.

Don’t skimp on the bedding.

Your bedding is the most important element in your dorm room. It covers the bed and often serves as seating when you’re not sleeping. Choose a bedspread with some color and even design elements. Don’t forget the throw pillows—pile them up!

decorative fram

Add some personal touches.

It’s your space and will be for the next year at least. You want it to feel like home. Bring some pictures from home and show them off with decorator frames. You can stand them on your desk or hang them on the walls with removable hangers.

dorm room seating

Simple seating gets you off the beds.

Your room may be small, but there’s always room for stackable cubes or bean bags. Extra seating will be welcome for those late night study sessions and when your friends come to hang out. Just like every other element in your room, the seating should be part of your decorating scheme.

You may feel like you’re living in a cracker box but with these simple suggestions you can spice it up and make it feel like a little bit of home.

This is a guest post by Suzanne Schaffer. Suzanne writes regularly about navigating the college maze at http://www.parentscountdowntocollegecoach.com/.

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