The Art of Accessorizing the Kitchen

Oh the kitchen. This room has got to be one of the hardest rooms to style. Many people either over-accessorize or steer away from adding any creative touches. But as the heart of the home, this space needs to be special.

kitchen shelf accessories

Keep it Simple

One point to keep in mind is that less is more. No one likes clutter, especially not in the kitchen where traffic can get heavy and someone’s always cooking. So don’t over think it; you can use things you already have. Make space on an open shelf and stack some dishes. Or how about unwrapping that set of glasses you were saving for a special occasion? Place them on a lacquered tray and done! Not only is this an example of aesthetically functional d├ęcor, but now you might actually use those glasses!

kitchen cookbook display

colorful fruit bowls

Color Outside the Lines

Don’t shy away from color. Most kitchens involve a monochromatic design or a neutral color scheme. Think of this as an opportunity to splash some colorful accessories into the mix and update your palette.  Encourage yourself to cook more by purchasing some cookbooks with bright bindings. Try leaning some books on a shelf in the kitchen or, if you have glass cabinets, you can make a neat visible stack in there. And hey—go au naturel and fill a decorative bowl with fresh, colorful fruits. Finish it off by adding Anthropologie’s citrine Capri candle in Mandarin Mango —your kitchen will not only look great, but smell delicious too!

kitchen island with flowers

Always Have Flowers

I can’t reiterate enough the importance of having aesthetic functionalism in design. Another example is plants, which are known for providing clean air and improving air quality. So remember those fresh flowers you picked up at the farmers market the other day? Fill a vase and place them by that favorite window above the kitchen sink. Flowers are a classic styling choice and never go out of style. Not only will they add a shade of elegance to the room, but will soften the space and break up the harshness of stainless steel.

kitchen countertop accessories

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This post was written by Erica.

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