Shop Visit: Jayson Home & Garden

If you find yourself in Chicago, Jayson Home & Garden should be sharpied on your to-do list. This one-stop shop is every designer’s dream offering an array of eclectic inventory to furnish and style an urban oasis.

Desk and Chair at Jayson Home & Garden

Whether you’re interested in vintage flea market inspired décor or modern furniture with a twist, this Chicago store won’t let you down. After walking into the shop and strolling through their setup, it’s easy to feel at home, or at one you wish was yours! Each section of the store is so beautifully styled it looks effortless. So don’t worry about having to hunt, furnishing your place here will be a piece of cake!

Jayson Home & Garden Furniture and Accessories

Each time I visit Jayson I can never get enough of the details. Every edge, surface, and stitch of merchandise is flawless and pristine. The store does a great job of creatively staging every corner and crevice; I was mesmerized by all the detail.

Jayson Home & Garden Chair Detail

The ‘curiousities’ of the store are arranged so artistically that you’ll find yourself unable to live without a stack of vintage life preservers! And let me tell you, it was difficult passing on the unique selection of vintage décor and flea market finds collected from France and England. It felt like every piece of furniture had a story to tell.

Side Table with Feathers at Jayson Home

Jayson Home & Garden Vintage Decor

So believe me, if you’re in Chicago, or need an excuse to come to Chicago, Jayson Home & Garden is a visit you won’t regret taking. Oh, and good luck leaving empty handed!

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