Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home

Those of you that follow me on Twitter know that a few weeks ago I made my first ever pre-order on I ordered the not-yet-released book Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home, authored by the Remodelista blog’s co-founder and contributor Julie Carlson. From the moment I made my order (and tweeted about it) Remodelista managed to exceed my expectations with this book. First Julie Carlson gave me a shout out on Twitter thanking me for my order. Then, just a week or two later, I received the book in the mail as a surprise – in advance of the official release date! Since then, I’ve had a chance to delve into the Remodelista book and am sharing my thoughts here for those of you thinking about buying it.

Remodelista Book

First, I’d like to say that this book is thankfully not a compilation of past Remodelista blog content. The photos and tips were created especially for the book. The book is consistent with Remodelista’s focus on modern yet comfortable design and often highlights innovative uses for otherwise mundane, everyday objects.

Remodelista Book: 12 Houses We Love

The first half of the book is dedicated to showcasing Twelve Houses We Love. This is my favorite part of the book and the main reason I recommend you get your own copy. Julie Carlson helps us experience and understand twelve home interiors through stunning, two-page photographic spreads accompanied by short notes explaining the unique design elements in each photo. Remodelista then includes two pages of practical Steal this Look suggestions for each of the twelve houses. For example, try taking a cue from Corinne Gilbert, a Paris native who uses tablecloths for curtains in her Brooklyn townhouse, saying “It’s a French thing.”

Just as captivating as the gorgeous home interiors are the stories Julie Carlson tells about the individuals that inhabit each home. They are fascinating people: celebrities, designers, artists, expats, entrepreneurs and … and Remodelista writer Julie Carlson! Julie Carlson features her own California house, a.k.a “Remodelista Headquarters” at the start of the book, a nice peek into the life and abode of the woman who has become a design guru to thousands of us.

Remodelista Book: Julie Carlson's Living Room

The second half of Remodelista: A Manual for the Considered Home includes A User’s Guide to Kitchens, A User’s Guide to Bathrooms, Design Ideas, the Remodelista 100 (basically a shopping list) and a Remodeling Reality guide that walks you step by step through the remodeling process. Personally, I didn’t find the kitchen and bath sections to really be user guides. Rather, these were examples of unique kitchens and baths that may or may not easily translate to your own home. Nonetheless, the spaces showcased are interesting to see and read about. The products featured in the Remodelista 100 didn't wow me, but the list is a nice feature to have thrown in with all of the other content in the book and there are definitely a few items on the list I might buy, like the bamboo ironing board and the cloth-covered extension cord (the list contains practical items with timeless design aesthetics).

Remodelista Book: Steal This Look

The other two sections at the back half of the book are more true to the “manual” reference in Remodelista’s book title. The Design Ideas section does genuinely offer many great ideas. I recommend keeping the book on your coffee table so you can pick it up and flip to the design ideas section every so often when you need to refresh yourself with ideas. Several of the ideas are DIY, but not too complicated, and intended to save you money by eliminating the need to pay for custom creations.  And it takes less than 30 seconds of your time to review each idea.  The Remodeling Reality section was also very practical, although lacking in imagery.

Remodelista Book on Bookshelf

Overall, Julie Carlson and the Remodelista team have done a great job with this book. I highly recommend you add it your home bookshelf.

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