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We've all read articles on how to organize your closet, your kitchen and your home office. But  sometimes the bathroom is just as difficult to keep organized, especially if you have limited storage space in your home or if you have multiple family members sharing the same bathroom. Here are a few strong strategies to keep you and your family's stuff neat and tidy in the bathroom. Your guests will be amazed!

organized bathroom inspiration

Expand your bathroom’s storage space by adding shelving.

Most bathrooms don’t have a lot of built-in storage. If that’s the case in your home, take advantage of available vertical wall space to add some shelving. If you have a little bit of floor space, simply purchase a shelving unit that fits the space available. Alternatively, you can mount individual shelves above a towel rod, above the toilet or on just about any free wall space.

bathroom wall-mounted shelving inspiration

I suggest starting with IKEA, which has a huge selection of wall-mounted shelves that create a nice clean look in a tight space like the bathroom. Also consider doing a search for DIY crate shelves like the ones above for a more unique look. Boxes and crates can be arranged like a collection of framed art on the wall then used as shelving for washcloths, toiletries and other bath items.

Take full advantage of all the space available in under-sink cabinets.

Under-sink cabinets tend to have a lot of vertical space that is not well utilized because of the sink plumbing that falls right in the middle of the cabinet interior. Add shelving or a hang rod within the cabinet to break up the large volume to create more usable storage space.

under sink bathroom cabinet shelving and storage

Also, the back of the cabinet door can be used to store small items, not unlike a medicine cabinet. Just be sure to use this as a place for small, lightweight items only so you don’t put too much added weight on the cabinet hinges. You can find a wide range of bathroom cabinet organizers at Bed Bath & Beyond.

Use baskets or square bins and crates to organize and hide personal care items.

Ever feel like there is no good place to store a hair dryer or curling iron? Truth is, these items are an awkward size and shape and tend to have long cords that make them hard to store in a neat, efficient manner, especially if you have few or no drawers in your bathroom. Like drawers, square baskets or bins, also referred to as “milk crates,” allow you to pile several items on top of each other, which is great for personal care electronics like dryers, curlers and electronic razors, as well as hair brushes and make-up bags, or even “feminine products.” Baskets placed on a highly visible shelf make an attractive home décor accent and neatly hide your stuff while keeping it accessible to you when you need it. 

bathroom storage bins and baskets

If you don’t like the look of woven baskets, search for fabric, plastic, metal or wood bins or crates that match your personal style and bathroom décor.

Replace cheap store packaging with more attractive and functional containers.

Sometimes you need to remove an item from its packaging to store it both effectively and attractively, and I believe that’s the case for many one-time-use personal care items that you buy and store in quantity – for example, Q-tips, cotton balls and even toilet paper.

bathroom storage jars for Q-tips and cotton balls

Store smaller items in jars – whether you use DIY mason jars or monogrammed apothecary jars, these are a huge upgrade both visually and functionally from the original plastic and cardboard packaging.

wire toilet paper storage basket

And if you have any toilet paper in a visible area, be sure to place the rolls in a basket or bin. For example, how cute is this DIY wire basket from The Gunny Sack – and it stores toilet paper and wipes!

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