10 Timeless Wallpapers

Any homeowner that has purchased an existing home with terrible, out-of-style wallpaper can attest to the fact that when selecting a wallpaper, you really ought to consider whether the pattern will remain in fashion over the years. That said, I highly recommend using wallpaper and paint together as part of your interior design strategy. Wallpaper works great for accent walls in a painted room or as a feature above chair rail or wainscoting. Use wallpaper in strategic places that you want to serve as a focal point of the room rather than covering every surface. Graham & Brown, my favorite wallpaper resource, also carries a line of paintable wallpaper, which can add texture and pattern to a wall using the same paint color you’ve selected for the rest of the room.

Below are my top ten timeless patterns from Graham & Brown. The colors are all neutrals that will work with multiple design styles and colors schemes, so the next homeowner that moves into your place won’t cringe at your taste.


Anis Wallpaper

The circular shape in the Anis pattern gives it a softness that complements plush furniture and fabrics for an inviting feel. The light color works great for black and white, cream and cool beige motifs; also available in a warm brown color for a cozier and more casual feel. (Cost: $50 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)

Bruno (Paintable Wallpaper)

Bruno Paintable Wallpaper

Bruno is a paintable wallpaper that features an vertical stripe pattern with three-dimensional texture. Choose your own paint color to match your room’s d├ęcor.  (Cost: $20.00 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Damier Wallpaper

This pattern is simple and abstract with deep yet subtle tonal variation in neutral colors that provide the visual interest of a natural stone. Available in either grey or brown tones, this wallpaper can work with just about any colors or materials. (Cost: $50 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Darcy Wallpaper

The Darcy pattern is pure elegance. Simple yet sophisticated, this wallpaper pattern will always be relevant whether paired with European traditional, mid-century modern or contemporary furniture styles.  You simply can’t go wrong with this style. (Cost: $70 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Enigma Wallpaper

This wallpaper pattern by designer Kelly Hoppen includes subtle metallic highlights that reflect light back into the room for an ephemeral feeling of space and light. The wallpaper is available in a variety of light and dark color tones, including beige (shown), white, blue and white, and dark gray. (Cost: $85 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Gloriental Wallpaper

Gloriental is a pattern of overlapping circles that is mildly reminiscent of floral patterns in a more enduring, abstract geometric form. According to Graham & Brown, this wallpaper “has an embossed finish makes the product durable and extra washable. The wallpaper allows you to paste the wall instead of the paper meaning that it is easy to hang and also easy to remove.” Yes! (Cost: $85 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Mai Wallpaper

Mai is a striped pattern that is not too bold or too boring. The cream color provides a neutral yet sophisticated background to your furnishings and accessories.  See how well it complements the pop of red in the tableware above as well as the golden champagne glasses and wood dining table. (Cost: $85 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Quantum Wallpaper

Quantum is a classic diamond pattern with the intricate detailing of a well-tailored suit. It’s available in both light and dark colors, with the black and silver version show here especially attractive when used as part of a monochromatic room design. (Cost: $50 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Salizzada Wallpaper

If you’re looking to add some ornamental pattern to your room but still want a timeless style, Salizzada is the perfect solution.  In fact, it looks as timeless yet contemporary as the geometric patterns of ancient Greek architecture! Like the Gloriental wallpaper, Salizzada has an embossed finish that makes the wallpaper washable and also allows you to paste to the wall instead of the wallpaper for easy install. (Cost: $85 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)


Strata Wallpaper

Available in grey and beige, Strata is a striped pattern with carefully placed zigs and zags that miraculously imply a diamond grid. The genius of the design doesn’t stop there: it works beautifully in rooms that are formal as well as casual and playful spaces, like the one shown here. (Cost: $50 per roll or $2.00 for a sample.)

All of the wallpapers shown here are available for purchase at grahambrown.com.

This post was created by Katie.

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