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In the past, desk surfaces were clean, plain spaces for writing, researching, or gathering ideas. But today working individuals want to show off their style and be inspired by  office accessories that sparkle and shine.

Of course, the art of accessorizing involves more than extra fluff and added aesthetic; most importantly your office accessories have to be functional. Use decorative dishes to beautifully hold paperclips, pushpins or erasers. Or go for a box to fill with business cards, staples, or tape refills.

You may also want to consider size and color to establish a cohesive collection. Introducing metallics, patterns and textures will also add another dimension to your work surface. And to stay motivated and working hard throughout your day, it’s important to surround yourself around inspirational quotes, easily found in the form of artwork and post-it notes.  

This post was created by Erica.

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