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Pops of color, pieces that speak to you, and finishing touches are the most important details to focus on when decorating a popular, well-visited space such as the living room. If you’re due for a change, a modern twist on the classic family room just might be exactly what you need.

It’s important to bring in pops of color to keep the eye interested and liven up a room. When creating your color story, pillows are a convenient place to start. Since pillows are interchangeable, they’re an excellent way of experimenting with color without committing. Try working with at least one set of patterned cushions that showcase two or more hues.

Now comes the fun part: it’s time to start bringing in other items that coordinate with the colors found in your pillows. Look for books with bright bindings, colorful lamp bases, decorative trays, and artful objects. But remember, these items should serve as more than just eye candy. Make sure your d├ęcor consists of pieces that are not just beautiful, but meaningful. A favorite art print, conversation piece, or perhaps a family heirloom, are just a few examples.

Shopping List

1. Black dots by Jen Ramos
2. Scented candle “leave something to the imagination” by Kate Spade
3. Hue by Kelly Wearstler
4. Audrey lamp (white) at Lulu and Georgia
5. Orangerie rose pillow by Arianna Belle
6. Marine blue velvet pillow by Arianna Belle
7. Threshold 9.4” urchin sculpture at Target

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