5 Hottest Materials in Interior Design

If you’re looking to stay on trend for 2014, follow these five, old-school materials that have made THE comeback in interior design.

1. Brass

Even if you’re not a fan of old gold, swap through design magazines and see how this metal has been taking over the design world--you’ll be begging for brass! Brass may not be the most precious of metals, but the alloy can easily be transformed into an elegant, classy design when paired with other materials such as marble and Lucite.

Brass in Interior Design

Work brass fixtures and knobs into your powder room and kitchen; you’ll be amazed by how contemporary your home will feel. If you’re a Hollywood regency fan, brass is a must have material. Kelly Wearstler has some amazing items in her shop to choose from. You can even check out Etsy and local flea markets for unique finds such as brass bookends, as they’re nice and heavy and add just enough glam to your bookshelf.

2. Marble

Commonly used as countertops in kitchens and powder rooms, marble is now seen throughout the home in furniture, décor, lighting, and fabric. The elegance of marble is one that has never gone out of style and remains a material that dramatically rejuvenates any room. Even if your design style is more casual, a set of marble bookends, trays or even a few marble printed pillows will transform your space into a work of art.

Marble in Interior Design

Marble furniture, such as side tables and coffee tables, can easily be found at stores like CB2. Or, if you’re on the hunt for lighting or decor, both West Elm and Jonathan Adler have a wide selection to choose from. I personally adore West Elm’s Marble Cleat Boxes and Adler’s Peace Bookends

3. Malachite

With Emerald chosen as the Pantone color of 2013, this deep green shade has made an impact in the design world throughout the past year. Malachite has a similar appeal to marble with its natural shapes and movement through pattern.  The difference is seen through its vibrant pop of color, which dominates a room.

Malachite boxes, bookends and figurines are popular décor items for styling an entry table, coffee table, or bookshelf. I personally love working with malachite prints commonly seen as curtains, wallpaper, pillow covers, and framed artwork.

4. Lucite

As a mod-version of glass, Lucite’s clear, acrylic finish opens up any room, making it appear larger than it really is—a wonderful use for a studio space! Lucite has made quite the comeback since it was first introduced in the early 1930s and today you can find it just about anywhere.

Modern stores such as CB2 and West Elm are a go to when you’re shopping for a vintage material like Lucite. CB2’s peekaboo nesting tables are super versatile and a huge space saver if you’re looking for one. Lucite and acrylic bookshelves, curtain rods and swanky ghost chairs are just a few fun items to use to decorate your space. I suggest using Lucite when organizing an office space. I love to see all my colorful papers shown off in acrylic letter boxes and filing systems. It’s also an effective way to keep tidy and organized!

5. Velvet

When I hear velvet, my mind goes to one thing: Designers Guild. I think of the rich, textured velvets that make this company who they are. Designers Guild has managed to bring velvet back into the spotlight like no one else. And since then, this throwback fabric has become the new cotton.

Velvet in Interior Design

Tufted headboards, textured wallpapers and floor to ceiling curtains are just a few common trends velvet has taken ownership of. Incorporating bright velvets in your space is the next step. Hot pink curtains, yellow chaises and navy office chairs are just a few of my favorites.On a sustainability note, velvet holds up surprisingly well.  I’ve had one too many spills on my performance velvet Henry Sofa from West Elm, but three years later, the couch looks brand new. The fabric is practically stain resistant!

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