How To Choose The Perfect Rug

As the foundation in every space, a rug can make your design just as easily as it can break it. In this case, functionality should take priority, as each room in your home serves a different purpose. Let’s take a look at the top materials to pay attention to when shopping for the perfect rug!

If you’re looking to add a rug to your living room or bedroom, wool is a front-runner to consider. As a durable fiber, the material holds up well over time making it an excellent choice for high-traffic areas such as your living room. It’s also super easy to keep clean and take care of. Wool is also very soft on your feet, which makes it practical for the bedroom.
Although wool is the more expensive option, these rugs last and are often available in bright colors. So think of this as a well-spent purchase that will brighten up your palette in one easy step.

Say goodbye to that outdated, orange shag carpet from the 70s and welcome today’s contemporary contender to the scene. This mod rug has made a serious comeback in the interior design world and is featured in just about every design magazine on the shelves.
I generally recommend choosing an ivory colored shag rug as it brightens up the space but also lends a clean, cozy feel. These rugs work well in bedrooms and living rooms as long as you keep them clean, especially if you opt for a white or ivory.  Check out the drake natural shag rug from CB2.

Natural Fiber
These rugs will not only bring in texture, but also add an organic touch to your space. I’ve used natural fiber rugs, such as jute and sisal, just about everywhere but overall prefer them in the living room. The neutral tone of the fibers warms a room and complements furniture and décor so effortlessly. Most natural fiber rugs are bound on the edges with a cotton fabric. Be sure to choose a neutral binding or opt for one that may coordinate with your existing décor.
Keep in mind that these types of fiber rugs require more clean up and may need to be replaced more frequently over time.

If you’re looking for an affordable, easy to clean rug, cotton is by far your best bet. The color selection and patterns to choose from are endless and can be found just about anywhere. I like using a 5 x 8 cotton rug under the kitchen table and as well as a 2 x 3 mat by the sink. With the smaller sized rugs, clean up is easy, as you can machine-wash it on your own. For a colorful, durable selection take a look at Dash and Albert’s woven cotton rugs.

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