5 Common Design Mistakes to Avoid

We all make design slips from time to time, but do we know what they are? Take a look at some of the most common mistakes and what to do instead.

Impulse Buys
Beautiful things are everywhere, but when you buy without a design in mind, you end up with a mishmash of styles and d├ęcor that doesn’t necessarily work together. If you’re redecorating a specific room, get ideas from magazines, pinterest or style boards. Don’t stray from a color story or theme you may have in mind. Instead, match your styles, complement your materials, and have fun accessorizing.

Scale and Proportion
No one likes that awkward space between the end of the nightstand and the wall or that wool rug that’s a tad too small for your living room. Working with scale happens to be a common struggle for most homeowners. We often forget that the details make the design and a few inches off can alter everything. Make sure to make the most out of your home by choosing furniture that utilizes your space and area rugs that fit appropriately.

Artwork Everywhere
Not every wall calls for artwork. When you cover the walls of your home with everything you love, the room can be read as crowded and small. Instead, leave room for the eye to wander and keep your home feeling open and spacious.
For the wall art you do showcase, be sure it’s centered, balanced and evenly displayed on your walls. I suggest hanging groups of threes on a focal wall or focusing on one, large-scaled work.

Low Curtains
Don’t make the mistake of hanging your curtains too low. The goal is to install your curtain rod higher to the ceiling rather than directly above your window. This tricks the eye and creates the illusion of higher ceilings, making your room appear larger and more spacious.

Mixing Woods
Modern design focuses on mixing glass with lacquer, marble and reclaimed wood; giving any room that wow-factor. Feel free to mix materials, as you should never have anything in your home that reads “matchy-matchy.” However, I advise against mixing wood types. Sticking with the same wood blends will keep your home looking organized and timeless.

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