Style Board: An Eclectic Home

For those of you who are fans of eclectic design, I know you hear me when I say this style has commonly been misunderstood. While many view eclectic style as “chaotic” or “random,” it’s concept is quite simple; it focuses on mixing the old with the new.

This type of design is known for its blend of cultures and time periods as well.  Surprisingly enough, the mix of styles don’t compete with each other and instead work together to create a harmonious relationship.
If you’re unsure of where to start, don’t worry; this design style is all about experimenting. Begin by pulling from your favorite things. For example, I like to combine Moroccan rugs with Venetian mirrors. Then I bring in pops of brass, patterned pillows in bright hues, and textures found in fabrics, woods, and d├ęcor. Many designs can appear effortless when you just focus on what you love.
And although decorating eclectically allows for loose rules, remember to apply common design principles such as following a consistent color scheme and keeping scale and proportion in mind.

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