Creative Ways to Decorate Your Christmas Tree

It’s the most wonderful time of year—and if you haven’t done so already, it’s time to put up your holiday tree! Take a look at some creative and alternative ways to decorate your tree this season!

Be Colorful
Keep things colorful this holiday season by layering your tree with bright, whimsical decorations. Spice your tree up and make a statement with vintage, pink tinsel and playful ornaments. There is something about a colorfully decorated Christmas tree that takes you back to feeling like a kid, anxiously awaiting Santa’s arrival and trying out the milk and cookies before he does! Sometimes the best way to decorate is with nostalgia.

Go Small
Opt for a tiny tree to keep things sweet and simple! If you have a smaller home, this is the perfect option, as it won’t eat up all of your living space.  And just because you go with a small tree this year, that doesn’t mean it has to be less visible. Prop it up on a console table in your living room so it’s the first thing friends and family see when they enter the room. You can also position your tree at the center of your dining room table with gifts scattered around—talk about a centerpiece!

Stay Classic
Keep your home looking timeless this holiday season by decorating in a monochromatic color scheme. Stick with white lights, silver tinsel and round mercury glass ornaments. By focusing on one color, your home will look clean and elegant, and your tree won’t clash with the rest of your holiday décor.

Explore Alternatives
Who says your Christmas tree has to be made of pine? Break tradition and find a fun new way of showcasing a holiday tree in your home! One option is to hang string lights, in the shape of a tree, along a wall in your home. You can follow the same rules as you would with a 3-dimensional tree and pin up ornaments and tinsel. And since you will not need a tree skirt this year, make your home look cozier by loosely laying down a fur throw to position gifts on. This will wow your guests and be the statement piece of the season!

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  1. Anonymous3:00 PM

    Thanks! We had a flood in our home this year and the restorations will not be finished until one or two days before Christmas, so we're going to use your suggestion to "go small." Loved the look and it's something I can do!